Close calls or acts of god?

What is the opposite of God?  Could it be random? Coincidence?

Einstein said that “Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous”. He also said that “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

During the cold war, we had 16 ‘nuclear close calls’ that could qualify as an ‘act of god’ and saved many lives. Was it a coincidence?

A good example of a ‘nuclear close call’ is what happened in Goldsboro, North Carolina on 24th January 1961 where a B-52 stratofortress carrying 3 nuclear bombs broke up in mid-air. Only a single switch prevented the bomb from detonating. An atomic bomb exploding could trigger retaliation and start WWIII. We were lucky. At least we thought that it was ‘luck’. What is puzzling is that ‘luck’ saved us from complete annihilation 16 times. It happened in 1956 - 1960 -  1961 (twice)  - 1962 (twice) - 1965 - 1967 - 1969 -  1973 -  1979 - 1980 - 1983 – 1983 - 1991 -  1995. Search “nuclear close calls” and Wikipedia will give you all the details.  

Should we rely on god to protect the Homo sapiens from total annihilation?

There is another explanation closer to us.

It comes from the UFOs.

Some people noticed a connection between UFO activities and nuclear activities. UFO appeared at nuclear research centers and also at ICBM launch sites, testing facilities, nuclear submarines and nuclear airplane carriers.

As long as we were fighting with swords, our guardians let us play with our toys. Atomic weapons are more serious - Don't run with scissors!

Can we generalize?

-We start with the micro-organisms in the soil. They pre-digest the minerals and feed the roots of the plants.

-The plants combine the minerals with the light from the sun to make food for the animals.

- The animals eat plants and generate heat, mechanical energy, ideas and feelings. What they cannot use is recycled by the plants.

- The next step could be that ideas and feelings generated by humans would be used by the level above. Our best contribution could be love. They would let us recycle the feelings that they don’t use.

That would explain why the UFOs want to protect us. We are their source of raw materials. They use our best feelings as their food. We can extrapolate and assume that the UFOs use our feelings to produce something that they transmit to the level above them. At every level, we use raw material from the level below. We produce raw material for the level above and recycle what the level above does not use.

You could call that our Karma. If you only produce bad feelings, you will keep recycling bad feelings and remain at the same level. The only way out is to produce good feelings and move with them to the level above.

This is only a theory, of course. It needs work. It is better than believing in coincidences.

Pepe Brainjuice