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Speeding up the process

A few thousand years ago we were conscious of belonging to a small group in the forest.  Then we became conscious of belonging to a country, a religion or a race. This is a step in the right direction. Let’s keep going. We should become conscious that we belong to the Homo Sapiens. Our small differences are secondary.

Awake Asleep.png

We follow our cycle between being awake and being asleep like the earth is turning around the sun and the sun is turning around the Milky Way. We belong to the many cycles in the universe. We should be conscious that we belong to the universe and the whole universe is in us.

          World population.

Two hundred years ago we introduced machinery in agriculture. This drastically increased our food production. The population of farmers went down from 80% to 5% of the total population.  Many people moved to the cities. Communicating became easier. That was good. A computer is made of millions of simple ideas. The concentration of people in the cities helped the development of technologies and the increase of consciousness.

Unfortunately, it also created a threat. We used our increase of food production to also increase our population. In less than 200 years the world population was multiplied by 10. The result is global warming, pollution of the air and the rivers, plastic everywhere. Mother Nature can be brutal. When she has too many preys, she increases the number of predators until the predators die of starvation and everybody gets back in line. Our predators are the microbes, viruses, bacteria….  Thousands of them are already living among animals waiting for Mother Nature to open for them the door to the human body.

          Freedom of the soul

After getting conscious of our predicament we can use our will to act on it. We can help the soul to distance itself from the level of matter.

Let’s start with a simple example such as ‘chocolate’. How do you distance yourself from chocolate? You could move to a cavern where there is no temptation. This is very commendable but there is no guaranty that you will not return to chocolate when you come back from your cavern. A better way would be to face your craving for chocolate until something changes in your soul that gives you the strength to enjoy some chocolate and lets you free to stop at will. We use your body to identify our attachment to the material world and bring changes to our soul.

We use your body to identify our attachment to the material world and bring changes to our soul.

After your victory over chocolate you can try to get your freedom back from the TV set. This is more difficult because the TV has light, movement, sounds. Those are the attributes of life.

Who decides how much time you spend watching TV? Is it the screen or is it you? Maybe a TV with pedals would help!  When it is not worth pedaling the TV stops! The goal is to use TV without abusing it.

As you progress, you will be trying to recover your freedom from money. Our servant became our master. It is money that decides where you live, your education, what you eat, the clothes you wear, your profession, the people you know. Those pieces of paper can be exchanged for anything material. To be free from money is to be free from matter. Your soul will not move to higher world as long as she cannot dominate her craving for money.

Remember the children’s story of the giant who could not get up because he was attached to the ground by many little ropes. Money is tying us to the material world with its many little ropes.

Imagine a society where money would be secondary. Instead of looking for the highest return you would invest in companies that create more happiness for your fellow men. If you have to choose between gun and butter you would choose butter. The main concern of the CEO would be to better satisfy his customers instead of satisfying his shareholders. His Board of Directors could include some psychologists. The pharmaceutical industry would try to make cheaper and cheaper medicines. Instead of buying a lot of junk we would look for quality...….


The introduction of dark energy and dark matter will make us expand our way of thinking and our consciousness. Our evolution is accelerating. It took mankind thousands of years to make a bicycle. Within one century we went from the bicycle to landing on the moon.

We can do for consciousness what we did in agriculture. We used some of the seeds that we had and planted them at the right place at the right time. We can use the limited consciousness that we have to generate more consciousness.

Science made us conscious of the laws of the material world. We learned to follow rules. We learned to think. After learning swimming, a day comes when we must try the deep end. We must transpose what we have learned in a limited environment into a wider environment. We should venture outside the limits of science. What we call life, love and the need to belong do not have a mass, a shape, a color and electric charge. We should develop The Arts in our life. We should pay less attention to the skyscrapers and more the museums.

          The criteria of success

Remember the feeling of love that people described after their Near Death Experience. It was a love of the world in general. We may be able to go from our limited love to Mother Love.


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