We don't create out of nothing

A “creation” is something material that we can see and touch. We do not create consciousness. We cannot create all the love we would like to have (unfortunately). The creation must be in our material world and our material world represents only 5% of the universe. That’s not much but that’s all we have. The other 95% surrounding us are made of dark matter and dark energy and scientists don’t seem to know much about it. 

Part of this 95% can manifest itself in our 5%. Heat does not have a shape, a color or a weight. It does not even get attached to something but penetrates everything. Every day we experience consciousness, feelings, love, light, time… What is most important in our material life comes from the 95%.

To ‘create’ could be opening a door and let some of the 95% enter our 5%. Scratching a match is to give heat an opportunity to enter our material world. The dam does not “create” electricity. It gives electricity an opportunity to enter our material world. The musician lets his inspiration penetrate the world of sounds. The painter does not create his colors. He combines them and his way of combining them comes from the immaterial 95%. Speaking is opening a door to the world of ideas and let them enter our world of sounds. In a way speaking is creating.

Our “creations” don’t come out of nothing. They come from the 95% of the universe surrounding us.

Pepe Brainjuice