We are fighting the wrong battle

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Plastic waste, global warming, CO2, pollution of rivers and pollution of the oceans are not different problems 

They are different symptoms of the same  problem. Why don't we talk about the problem instead of arguing endlessly about the symptoms?  Our grandparents did not have such concerns. Where did we go wrong?

The truth is that in the last two centuries the world population was multiplied by 10. Planet earth has 1.4 billion hectares of arable land. That could feed 10 billion people if they all are vegetarians. It would be much less if they are meat eaters. We have reached maximum occupancy!

This rapid increase of the world population was made possible by the introduction of machines in agriculture. The idea was to help the farmers and it really helped.

We should have limited its use to helping the farmer. Unfortunately this new tool was also used to increase the world population. A small increase could have been good. We went too far. Instead of making life easier for a few, we are making life miserable for many.

"Use but don't abuse" is a law of nature that we were not conscious of.

What can we do about it?  Not much!

No politician hoping to get reelected in a democracy will propose a reduction of the population. We could offer a medal and a pension to those who don't reproduce. The chances of success are rather small.  There is no easy solution. Chances are that we will keep walking to the cliff.

What can Mother Nature do about it?  A lot!

- She does not have to get reelected. She could change the place of the poles. She has done it before. She could do it again. The human evolution could proceed with a few survivors. That may be over-reacting.

- When there was too many preys, Nature increased the number of predators until they died of starvation and everybody got back in line.

 - She could also wake up some of our predators such as microbes, bacteria and viruses. The Black Death killed half of the European population.

- Our body needs 91 nutrients to survive. Do we check our soil to make sure that it is not getting depleted? Mother nature may be already implementing her own solution.

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The question is "How many human beings can planet earth accommodate?"

Could the earth accommodate 10 Billion people? Scientists are saying that global warming is getting us closer and closer to the cliff. Could the earth accommodate 5 Billion people? 2 Billion ? Let's hope that she is not going to dispose of the Homo sapiens like she got rid of the erectus, the floresiensis, the neanderthalensis and other human species. We are not in a good position to negotiate.

What could we get out of this experience?

- 2000 years ago the human individual belonged to a tribe or a village in the forest. Today we belong to a country.

A reduction of the world population could make us conscious that belong to the human species. We could become conscious that we are Homo sapiens before anything else.  United by a common danger, our conflicts would be cut down to size.

- Our concept of "Life" could change. So far we assumed that life was limited to the humans and anything smaller such as cats, dogs and microbes. We could consider that life can be implemented in different ways at different levels. At the level of the plants, it makes them grow and multiply. At the level of animals it makes them move. A  black hole is to the earth what death is to humans. At every level, life is fighting for its survival.

- It took two centuries for this problem to develop. We could expect that Nature would give us two hundred years to  implement a more civilized solution.  We are her guest and should be grateful for her hospitability. We may become conscious of our own evolution and become willing participants.

- Future historians may consider two epochs: Before and after the humans knew what they were doing!

Pepe Brainjuice