Looking for God

We, the Homo sapiens, had to overcome many calamities in the past 300 000 years of our history. Some were very deadly like the great plague in the 14th century until the plague run out of people to kill. We share with the animals a constant need for food and a fight for survival.

One need seems to remain constant in our history. It is the need to keep our life in alignment with some superior order. You witness in many civilizations, a need to keep the gods happy.  Closer to us, a good film must have a good guy and a bad guy and the good one must triumph at the end. This need cannot be experimented upon and cannot be measured. It comes from the immaterial world. We try to satisfy it in many different ways and gave it different names. We need a compass pointing us in the right direction.

We can choose between two directions. We can look outside ourselves. This is the domain of scriptures and history. We can also look inside. This is more difficult. If “god” created the world, there is a connection between god and his creation. This connection makes them both belong to the same universe. God and us become part of the same universe. We can look for god inside us. “God smiles through the flowers”

Can we get help from science?  

Our material world does not represent more than 5% of the universe. Not much indeed! This is our dark side and we don’t have many details about it. Some day, the scientists could tell us that we have been breathing dark energy all along without knowing it! They remind us of Plato’s allegory of the cave where people raised in their cave were not conscious of the outside world.


We share our life between two extremes. Eight hours a day, when we are asleep, we are completely unconscious. When we are awake, our consciousness is limited to 5% of what it could be.  We only have 5% of the pieces of the puzzle.  If some Aliens ever come and visit us, they will think that we are 95% blind and deserve a pension. How can we make the right decisions in such conditions? The best we can do is to move in one direction until we hit a wall, get hurt, and change direction.  This is guidance by the physical laws of Nature. This is learning the hard way.


We need some increase of our level of consciousness.

We need to be aware of the purpose of our life on earth and avoid exploring so many dead ends. We need to replace “good” and “Bad” with walking in the right direction instead of hitting a wall and getting hurt.


What could be the connection between our 5% and our 95%? We have a choice. We could say that our 5% dominate the universe. The other 95% are nothing more than details of implementation. We use the 95% as a screen on which we project our own film.

We could also say that our 5% are nothing more than a partial view of the universe. It is what a black and white picture is to a color picture. Our consciousness is our new frontier. This is how we will discover both, ourselves and what we call ‘god’.

How can we help?

Take ‘heat’ for instance. It does not have a shape or a color or a weight. It belongs to the immaterial world. Blisters will convince you that it also operates in our material world. It can penetrate any object without getting attached to it. Heat is a transition between our material and our immaterial worlds – between the 5% and the 95%.

Another example is “life”. We cannot tell the difference between a stuffed animal and a real one that is asleep. We know its importance but we are not directly conscious of life. We get conscious of life through its effects such as movement or heat or noise. TV and the wood burning in the fire place have the attributes of life. That could explain their attraction.


Consciousness, love, ideas, music, feelings, heat, life and most of what we consider to be most important in our life does not have weight, color or shape. They seem to come from the immaterial world and manifest themselves in our material world. We may not be conscious of our 95% but they are part of us and we are part of them. Instead of spending all our time remodeling our environment, we should pay more attention to feelings and all the messages we can receive from the immaterial.  We should concentrate on music, paintings, sculpture and what we call ‘The arts’. Instead of judging people on their IQ we should evaluate their level of consciousness.  Geopolitics should be a game that children can play indoors when it is raining.  Adults playing geopolitics should be considered immature.


If you are looking for a way to unite science and religions you could say that the dark side of the scientists could satisfy our ‘need for god’.

Pepe Brainjuice