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ProxySQL 2.0.5 And Proxysql-admin Tool Now Available

There are multiple ways of deploying a database. You can install it by hand, you can rely on the widely available infrastructure orchestration tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet or Salt. Those tools are very popular and it is quite easy to find scripts, recipes, playbooks, you name it, which will help you automate the installation of a database cluster. There are also more specialized database automation platforms, like ClusterControl, which can also be used to automated deployment. What would be the best way of deploying your cluster? How much time you will actually need to deploy it?

ProxySQL 2.0.5 and proxysql-admin tool Now Available

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing and support solution for web hosting companies. It's one of the leaders in the hosting automation world to be used alongside the hosting control panel itself. WHMCS runs on a LAMP stack, with MySQL/MariaDB as the database provider. Commonly, WHMCS is installed as a standalone instance (application and database) independently by following the WHMCS installation guide, or through software installer tools like cPanel Site Software or Softaculous. The database can be made highly available by migrating to a Galera Cluster of 3 nodes.

Pay attention on the admin_credentials variable where we used non-default user which is "proxysql-admin". ProxySQL reserves the default "admin" user for local connection via localhost only. Therefore, we have to use other users to access the ProxySQL instance remotely. Otherwise, you would get the following error:

In this blog, we are able to deploy a Galera/Percona Xtradb Cluster using automation with Puppet. We did not create the code from scratch, nor did we use any external tools that would have complicated the task. Instead, we used the CusterControl Module and the S9S CLI tool to build and deploy a highly available Galera Cluster.


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