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Like Punchbowl, Evite has been around for a long time. They made their name with electronic invitations, but they have since expanded into a nice range of birthday and other occasion ecards. We especially like the ability to add an Amazon gift or egift card directly to your birthday ecard (especially handy for a belated birthday).

buy ecards

Back in 2002 we launched aiming to provide a service which would allow people all over the world to send truly classy ecards, with proper art made with paint and pens and paper, and music composed or arranged to match. No-one wanted to put advertising all over these beautiful works of art, so we decided to charge a small annual fee instead. It felt more like a club than a commercial service, so we referred to all our subscribers as "members".

Then in 2010 we started doing an annual Advent Calendar, and to pay for the enormous costs of developing it, we decided to make it available for a small fee to everyone, whether they were members of our ecards service or not. That was a huge success and over the decade since then we've continued to build up an enthusiastic following not only for our Advent Calendars but for our new Country Cottage and its Summer Garden and Kitchen expansion packs.

If you have ever subscribed to our ecards service, or purchased an Advent Calendar or other digital product, or registered via our ecards App, then you're a member! This allows you to log on to our website or the app, maintain your Address Book, check your Order History, and benefit from various free offers that we make from time to time. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter (you can do this from the My Details page) for news of these!

Yes and no. To send our full range of cards, you need to purchase a subscription to our ecards service. However, if you'd like to try out the service to see if it works for you, you can download our ecards App to your Apple or Android phone or tablet. Log on or register as a new member in the app, and you will then be able to send a limited selection of a few ecards, free of charge! 041b061a72


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