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Refog Employee Monitor Full 12: A Professional and Versatile Tool to Track and Improve Your Employees' Activities

You can activate or deactivate any log types that you want, monitor any web sites that your employees visit, customize the appearance of Spyrix Keylogger window by changing its color and size and so much more!

refog employee monitor free download full 12

Good article and I fully agree with the concerns mentioned in it. There are many keyloggers out there, and some are free and some are not and are actually not what they are claimed to be. I have already reviewed some of the popular keyloggers out there and I am sure these work as advertised, but they can do the same thing to your PC as Refog. So you might want to choose this option with caution.

Having said that, there are many good spyware/keylogger programs out there, and Refog isn't one of them. The owners of this program don't seem to be very interested in your security, and you can't even install their keylogger to monitor their own employees without approval. So you are stuck with the Refog keylogger, and I think you would be better off to look elsewhere for a better choice.

The program works on a group basis. You need to allow an access to each employee as per his/her request. You can also not allow access, so it completely depends on the needs and the business. For example, you can allow monitoring of all the employees in one go, or you can allow access to a specific employee on a specific date.

For many years, it was generally not considered reasonable to be able to monitor an employees every move. Since every worker has a second job on the side, there is a temptation to rig the monitoring software so that it picks up work-related keystrokes.


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