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[S1E16] The Ladies Who Lunch

Looking to give her life a purpose, Gabrielle decides to organize a glamorous Halston fashion show for charity highlighting the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Bree and Rex are at odds on how to punish Andrew for putting Mrs. Solis in the hospital and finding drugs in his room. The police investigate a toy chest that Paul Young dumped in the river. Lastly, Lynette uses her business acumen to poach a nanny, Claire, but ends up getting involved between her current employer, Alexis.

[S1E16] The Ladies Who Lunch

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One day in the suburb of Wisteria Lane, residents are shaken up by the sudden suicide of Mary Alice Young. At her wake, her four close friends and the main characters, Susan Mayer, Lynette Scavo, Bree Van de Kamp and Gabrielle Solis, are introduced. All of them lead seemingly perfect lives, trying to keep their problems from each other. Susan and Edie Britt fight over the new neighborhood resident and plumber Mike Delfino. Lynette's children cause a ruckus in the Youngs' pool, putting her in an embarrassing position. Gabrielle is having an affair with her teenage gardener John Rowland, because she is neglected and treated condescendingly by her busy husband, Carlos. Bree's husband Rex collapses from an allergic reaction at a diner, shortly after asking her for a divorce. Susan accidentally burns Edie's house down, after going over to see if she was with Mike. While the ladies put away Mary Alice's belongings, they discover a mysterious blackmail note addressed to her, leaving them to wonder what she had done.

At Susan's urging, the ladies decide to throw a dinner party in Mary Alice's honor. A little girl catches Gabrielle kissing John and blackmails her into buying her gifts. Lynette's husband Tom volunteers to babysit the kids while she is at the party. Meanwhile, Mary Alice's son, Zach, finds the revolver his mother used to kill herself. Dr. Goldfine suggests private sessions for the Van de Kamps, at the reluctance of Bree. Susan calls her ex-husband Karl over to talk about their problems, which eventually results in her locking herself out of her house naked. At the party, Rex tells everyone about their marriage counselling sessions. In anger, Bree humiliates him in front of the others, causing Rex to move out on her. Susan tells Karl that she is over him, with his lover, Brandi apologizing to her about her involvement in ending their marriage. Bree raids Dr Goldfine's tapes to find out what Rex had said in his session, finding a tape with Mary Alice's name instead. Paul puts up the Youngs' house for sale.

Lynette denies that her twins have attention deficit disorder, but proposes a solution by asking for them to be separated. The housewives listen to Mary Alice's session tape and find out about her real name. Edie attempts to arouse Mike by seductively washing her car, however Susan wins him over when he asks her out. Martha Huber uses Susan's measuring cup as her involvement in Edie's house fire to blackmail her, causing her to compromise her relationship with Mike. She gets her daughter, Julie, to sneak into Martha's house and retrieve the cup. Carlos becomes suspicious that Gabrielle is cheating on him, but goes after the wrong man. Bree struggles with her rebellious son, Andrew, who is angry about Rex moving out. After, the ladies finally tell Paul about the blackmail note, he hires a private investigator named Mr. Shaw to track down who sent it.

At The Palace, Lily leaves the hotel to attend a day of wedding planning. She runs into Rufus before getting into her car, who asks for a moment to ask advice about Jenny. She thinks it over and offers to talk with him on the way to her first appointment. Back at Constance, Dan tells Asher that he saw him kiss that guy earlier. Asher says that it never happened and threatens to take Jenny's virginity to prove he's not gay. Offended, Dan shoves him and asks Jenny for a moment alone. She says anything he can say to her, she can say in front of her boyfriend. As he's about to reveal what he saw, Asher jumps in that he was planning to invite her to his parent's country house but Dan said they were moving too fast. Jenny tells Dan that he should be happy for her for once and to realize he's just jealous of Asher. Meanwhile, Blair and Serena have lunch on the Met steps. Blair is annoyed at not being invited to Jenny and Asher's party and asks Serena to have a girls' night with her. Serena declines, saying she has a dinner with her family, and Dan shows up. He confesses that he's still worried about Jenny and both girls tell him that Jenny is more likely to believe something from a guy, a friend, or Gossip Girl over him. At Mark Ingram, Rufus attends Lily's wedding dress fitting with her and wonders how he can keep better tabs on Jenny if she can have a relationship with someone from her bedroom. Lily says he can't because she's going to grow up no matter what, and that raising girls is different that raising boys. Rufus asks if she means that he has to wait and hope for the best and Lily says that if he does, Jenny will come back to him. They then both spot a beautiful bracelet, which Rufus clasps onto her wrist. Back at Constance, everyone receives the blast about Asher kissing another boy. In the courtyard, The Palace concierge calls Serena to say that a package came for her from Georgina Sparks. Shocked, Serena asks him to not let it out of his sight until she picks it up after school. She leaves quickly and Blair confronts Dan about sending in a fake tip to Gossip Girl about Asher. He admits that he really did see Asher kissing another guy and that if she can prove it really happened, she can break them up. She bribes him by saying that it's his brotherly duty to help her but he declines, as he doesn't want to hurt Jenny. However, he tells her she's on her own, which Blair is fine with.

After Charlie's credit card gets declined, he decides to visit his accountant. The accountant, Stan (Richard Lewis), tries to explain Charlie's financial woes to him: Charlie spends faster than his royalty checks come in. Alan coaches Charlie on how to live frugally. Alan then suggests that Charlie could borrow money from their mother, but Charlie gets annoyed when Evelyn asks to take them out for lunch, and he refuses. Eventually, Rose lends the money to Charlie, and he promises to pay her back.

In "Heartbreak Hotel", Lo has a plan to sabotage her and Ty as a couple, which succeeds when Kelly breaks up with him. Then Lo gets the poster of her brother, Ty, to get to the ladies but they all reject him. Then Ty dated "Jemma" (Emma in disguise). Then Kelly tells Ty that Lo is responsible for this. When Jemma is revealed to be Emma, Kelly insults her again and Ty responds by telling Kelly to "take a hike". Kelly takes offence to Ty telling her off and claims she's "dumping" him and storms off. Ty then takes Emma out on a date. 041b061a72


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