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Buy Glass Hurricane Candle Holder High Quality

Is an "Open Flame Policy" ruining your dream wedding ideas? Our open-ended chimney tubes (also known as open ended glass hurricane candle holders) can be the solution. We have the largest selection of open-ended shades in the market, with many different heights and openings to literally fit your needs.

buy glass hurricane candle holder

We've got a ton of informative blogs on various topics (home decor, vases, candle holders, terrariums, and gardening). To read up on other stories that feature or mention Hanging Glass Vases of every kind, you can check out our blog posts about using specific Hurricane Glass Cylinder Tubes and Glass Open-Ended Candle Holders:

With a candle or string lights placed inside, this laser-etched silver dollar Glass Hurricane Candle Holder bestows a shimmering, luminous glow. Set on a mantel or atop a dining table for an elegant ambiance. Each glass lantern has been handcrafted by laser-etching the leaves of the beautiful Lunaria plant (also known as Silver Dollar plant). A gold finish inside the glass is set off by the glow of light when lit. These make a gorgeous centerpiece for your holiday table, wedding reception, or on your mantel.

Votive candle holders are an elegant way to decorate any room or space. They come in a variety of styles and materials, so you can find the perfect holder to match your décor. Votive holders also make great gifts for any occasion.

Inspired by original Henning Koppel pieces, this beautiful frosted glass and stainless steel hurricane candleholder for use with tea-lights is a perfect example of form and functionality. The elegant shape contrasts the two very different materials and provides the perfect protection for the candle whilst at the same time emitting a warm glow. Suitable for indoors or out, the lamp looks beautiful alone or grouped with others of different sizes. 041b061a72


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