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[S2E3] Hunting ((LINK))

In the episode, the Roys go on a hunting trip in Hungary, but conflict erupts over Logan's controversial plan to acquire a rival news corporation. The episode became notable for "Boar on the Floor," a fictional game that is depicted during the climax.

[S2E3] Hunting

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Roman and Tabitha watch Connor's presidential campaign announcement, which he is running on an anti-tax platform. Roman asks Tabitha to reach out to PGM board member Naomi Pierce, her friend and past sexual fling, to broach the idea of an acquisition. Shiv, who knows of Logan's acquisition plans thanks to Gerri and staunchly opposes it, asks Tom to talk Logan out of it at the family's upcoming hunting retreat in Hungary.

On the plane, Logan is furious to learn that someone within the company spoke to Pantsil; Greg becomes nervous about being found out. They reunite with Frank after arriving at their hunting lodge in Hungary. Back in New York, Shiv tries to convince Connor not to run for president, given that his anti-tax platform jeopardizes Logan's political relationships. She accompanies Willa for drinks and seduces one of the actors in Willa's planned stage play. Connor, against the advice of his family, releases his campaign video to the public.

While hunting, Greg confides to Tom that he spoke to Pantsil and begs Tom to keep his secret. Kendall and Roman discuss having been contacted by Pantsil themselves; Roman discreetly takes a private call from Naomi Pierce. During dinner arrangements, Logan is further infuriated when he learns that the Pierces already know about his acquisition plans, realizing that the information leaks are coming from someone in his inner circle.

"Hunting" was written by Tony Roche, who had previously worked with Succession showrunner Jesse Armstrong as a writer on the series The Thick of It, Veep, and Fresh Meat, and the film In the Loop. It was directed by Andrij Parekh, in his third episode for the series - Parekh, typically a cinematographer, served as the series' director of photography during the early episodes of the first season. Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York stood in for the Roys' hunting lodge in Hungary. Armstrong said the decision to set the episode in Hungary was inspired by Josef Stalin's dinner parties, where he would frequently play cruel jokes on his close associates.[1]

Later on, we learned that Jonah felt a certain type of way because Chava, even after Ruth's death, never reached out to him. He suffered so much loneliness, although there was someone who could guide him on hunting and even console him.

Once in Hungary, Frank arrived at the million-dollar house to greet the rest of the company. Ken, Logan and, Frank have a quick meeting to discuss how taking over PGM would work. They are interrupted by Roman and then informed they are about to go hunting, after a quick safety meeting about guns.

In this episode we focus on the government's mess of a BovineTb 'strategy' that has seen so many negative headlines this week as Defra Minister George Eustice threatens to have Geronimo the alpaca killed (Dominic explains the situation from a behind the scenes perspective) and a coalition of animal welfare organisations submit more information on the badger cull to the Bern Convention. We made it out of our lockdown shelters to join Oxfordshire Badger Group at Wytham Woods (and our first shortcast comes from that visit courtesy of Oxon Badgers chair Juila Hammett). Away from badgers, Charlie highlights a report by Rewilding Britain which details what area of our National Parks are given over to grouse shooting and excoriates the vile 'tradition' of cubbing - training hunting hounds by setting them on fox cubs. In Heroes and Villains, we thank Helen Macdonald (Geronimo's owner) for her stance and the 'Seven Sisters' acquitted of aggravated trespass charges brought by HS2, and we name Defra and the trustees of the Science Museum as our villains. Lastly, we have a second shortcast, this time from Jack Wootton, founder of the Forgotten Fish Project. 041b061a72


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