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Transformers: Armada Full Movie Download In Italian Hd

Rad and his friends are sent drifting through time, where it is revealed that via this, they played a part in the development of the Mini-Cons and the Mini-Cons are also revealed to be the cells of Unicron. Galvatron refuses to believe in the threat of Unicron and Starscream forces him into a duel - a duel Starscream purposefully loses, sacrificing himself to prove to Galvatron the threat of Unicron exists. Sideways steals the Star Saber, fully awakening Unicron, as the Autobots and Decepticons unite into one armada to attack the colossal Transformer who had been disguised as Cybertron's moon. During the battle, Galvatron confronts Thrust over his betrayal and leaves him to perish after the latter inadvertently gets himself crushed in Unicron's shoulder.

Transformers: Armada full movie download in italian hd

Starscream had ascended to Decepticon leadership in the absence of their former lord, and though he had to seemed to carry on the long search for the lost Megatron and the All Spark to keep his position as leader, his greatest hope was that Megatron would NEVER be found. Some loyal Decepticons, especially Blackout, strongly suspected this and sought to frustrate Starscream's species-serving plans. Barricade allied him, but it is unknown what he actually thought. Bonecrusher hated him. Frenzy and Scorponok's opinions are unknown, but Frenzy's a complete lunatic and nobody cared what the pet little guy thought.During a search of an abandoned solar system, the Nemesis came across a vessel that bore a resemblance to Megatron's alternate mode. Starscream went to investigate it, intending to destroy it. After chasing off Bumblebee, he communicated with the creatures aboard the vessel, who called themselves humans. Starscream claimed that his people once lived with the Autobots, and that their treacherous leader, Optimus Prime, started a war for the All Spark. The humans told him of a robotic creature that they had found on their world, and Starscream, recognizing it as Megatron, told them it was an Autobot scout. While communicating with them, he downloaded all the information on their computers, learning that the All Spark was also located on Earth. He offered to help the humans to return to their world if they helped Starscream's group attack the Autobots, hoping that Prime would destroy them and be guilt-stricken in the process. The humans attacked Optimus and Bumblebee, but the two Autobots escaped. After their ship sank into a cavern, Starscream revealed his true nature and abandoned them. As a result, the humans concluded neither faction could be fully trusted. Way to make first contact there, Screamer. 076b4e4f54


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