Plato's allegory of the cave still applies

We are conscious of the outside world through our senses and our senses are made of matter detecting matter. That would not be too bad if the whole universe would be made only of matter. Unfortunately, the scientists are saying that matter represents no more than 5% of the universe. The rest is made of (about) 70% of dark energy and 25% of dark matter. We are not completely unconscious. Only 95%! How can we pretend to be free!

Our body is our jail.

Not only our senses can only work in the material world but they only detect a very small part of that world. Our eyesight is limited between red and violet. Why can't we see some infrared and some ultraviolet? Some animals can!

Our hearing can detect 8 octaves. That a little bit better but not much.

You may have heard that the universe is built around mathematics. This is how we will dominate the world! Not so fast. Mathematics could represent nothing more than the very little part of the world that the human brain can handle.

Long ago (23 centuries) Plato wrote the allegory of the cave. It still applies. You only have to replace Plato's cave with our physical body.

We become prisoner of our own creations.

We keep making choices all along our life and those choices limit further freedom. The better you are at your job and the more difficult it will be to change profession. We make laws and become prisoner of our own laws. We created money and became prisoner of money. We made atomic bombs and became prisoner of our bombs. Our own creations become our filters between us and our environment. We carry with us our religious filter, our political filter, our social filter, our money filter... 

We created our zoos at our own image. We are free within very narrow limits.

Pepe Brainjuice