Life's purpose

The purpose of our life is a subject that we would rather not talk about because we don't have a definite answer. Everybody thinks about it but it will never make the evening news.

Dark matter 2.png

According to the scientists, the universe is made of 70% of Dark Energy, 25% of Dark Matter and the material world that we are familiar with does not represents more than 5%.  We will not find the meaning of our life inside those 5%. Love, feelings and consciousness have no shape, no color and no weight but they are important in our life. We need a more general view.

Should we look inside ourselves or look outside? It is much easier to look outside where we can use our sense organs. Unfortunately, they are very limited.

Let’s start with the little 5% that we know

We have seen that Mother Nature is using the Homo sapiens to extract the immaterial from the material world. Our life is part of a refining process leading to the immaterial. We are part of the flow. That does not mean that everything in our life in predetermined. It means that the life of the Homo sapiens has a purpose.

Do we have some limitations?

Yes – And quite a few.

We are limited to our material world and that covers only 5% of the total. Inside this material world we are prisoner of our limited senses. Our body is a jail and a very cramped one. It's no wonder that we achieved so little.  After 300 000 year on planet earth, the Homo sapiens have still not found a way to live in society without fighting each other. What did we achieve during those 300 000 years? We learned to use tools and fire. That's rather limited.  We still don't know what happens at night when we are asleep. Sadomasochism is an important part of human nature that we ignore.  We pretend to be free but a hypnotist can get us under his control within seconds.  People who had a Near Death Experience would testify that body and soul can be taken apart and put back together without physical death. This could be what happens every night when we fall asleep. We leave our body like we leave the car in the garage.

Scientists say that we may have 86 billion neurons but we only have a limited use of them. After 300 000 years on earth any part of our body that is not used should be atrophied and have disappeared. A possible explanation would be that we have a complete use of all our neurons at night, when we are asleep. The limited use that we have of our neurons during the day is another limitation of life in the physical world. We have so many limitations that our consciousness could be limited to the minimum necessary to survive on earth.

How do we get out of our 5%?

 The real question is: “What could convince a nice soul to get associated with a human body – even for a limited time?” This is hard work. The human body needs to be fed three times a day. It smells bad if you don't clean it regularly. You have to take it to the doctor, the dentist, the oculist... The best you can expect after all this maintenance is that it does not hurt!

A possible explanation is that the soul is still attached to the material world. She wants to get free and follow the general evolution and move to a higher immaterial world. The purpose of our life could be to cast off its moorings to the material world.

There is hope.

We could do with our consciousness what we did with our eyesight. It is limited between red and violet. We used our thinking to make instruments that revealed to us the infrared and the ultraviolet. In the same way, we could use our thinking to expand our limited consciousness. Why can’t we do consciously during the day what we are already doing unconsciously at night and get the full use of our 86 billion neurons? It should not be that difficult. If we could master the infrared and the ultraviolet we should be able to master our own neurons. That may sound crazy but it is not more crazy than thinking 100 years ago about landing on the moon, the computers and the cellphones. Keep in mind that we are following a world’s evolution and this evolution is accelerating.


The first step would be to distancing ourselves from the material worlds and follow the general flow going through the earth.

How does that work in practice?

Let’s start with a simple example such as ‘chocolate’. How do you distance yourself from chocolate? You could move to a cavern where there is no temptation. This is very commendable but there is no guaranty that you will not return to chocolate when you come back from your cavern.

A better way would be to face your craving for chocolate until something changes in your soul that gives you the strength to enjoy some chocolate and lets you free stop at will. You use your body to identify your attachment to the material world and bring changes to your soul.

After your victory over chocolate you can move to bigger challenges. You could try to get your freedom back from the TV set. This is more difficult because the TV has light, movement, sounds. Those are the attributes of life. We watch TV like we watch the wood burning in the fire place. Who decides how much time you spend watching TV? Is it the screen or is it you? Maybe a TV with pedals would help. If it is not worth pedaling the TV stops! Try to use TV without abusing it.

banknote 2.png

As you progress, you will be trying to recover your freedom from money. Those pieces of paper can be exchanged for anything material. To be free from money is to be free from matter. You will need some money but you should not let this servant to become your master. Your soul will not move to higher world as long as she cannot dominate her craving for money.

Imagine a society where money is secondary. Instead of looking for the highest return you would invest in companies that create more happiness for your fellow men. The main concern of the CEO would be how to better satisfy his customers instead of satisfying his share holders. His Board of Directors may include some psychologists. The pharmaceutical industry would try to make medicines cheaper and cheaper. Everybody would have the same access to food…. Keep dreaming. It helps! You have to change the way you see the world. It is a metamorphose.

One step further:  After distancing ourselves from the material world, we should become conscious of our motivations. Some are good and some are dreadful. Behind our life on earth is a need to reach higher worlds. Behind going to war is a motivation to satisfy a need for sadomasochism. Getting conscious of our motivations would help.

There are different ways to distance ourselves from the material world and they seems to have something in common. To distance ourselves from money frees the soul. To fall asleep is like leaving the car in the garage and letting the driver escape. Sometimes we reach our goal only after we abandon any hope and stop trying. When we are distancing ourselves from the material world, something, way above our head, is opening new doors. 

The last step is to detach our way of thinking from the material world. We want to get closer to the way  we may think when we are asleep. That could be the way children are thinking before they get polluted by our logic. Children are still free to decide that a cardboard is a car. They are free to decide in which world they want to live. They have a way to escape our material world. We could learn from them.

Can we get help?

This help would have to come from the immaterial world. So far, the scientists did not give us many details about their Dark Matter and their Dark Energy. We know that some “things” manifest themselves in both the material and the immaterial. This is the case of heat, love, harmony, life, energy, happiness, music and what we call “the arts” in general.  They could be used as a transition between our 5% and a wider consciousness. The arts could be a step in the right direction. We should pay less attention to the skyscrapers and more to the museums. 

Blisters remind us that we are not directly conscious of heat – only its consequences.  The way we experience love, happiness and harmony may also be very limited. We could dream of unlimited happiness, unlimited harmony and unlimited music.

“Energy” may be a good place to start. By working on a problem during the day, we associate energy with our problem. By “sleeping on it” we may be able, at night, to use this energy and a wider consciousness to solve the problem. When we wake up the next morning, the answer comes as a ‘message in our mailbox’. We should act on it. We will not get more messages unless we empty our mailbox.

Children also could help: They are telling us of a world of freedom where you can decide that a carboard box can become a car. Their world is not subject to the laws of the material world. Logic does not apply. They give us the impression of being outside our jail and looking at us - unconvinced.


On one hand it is good to know what we are doing. On the other hand we may have to accept the idea that we are not the master of our ship. We are only trying to master the wind blowing in our sails.