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The pieces of the puzzle

We were looking for clues. Let's see what we found - so far.

  • To digest food is to absorb the energy from the plants and share it between different tasks. Some of that energy will be used to create new cells to replace the dying ones. Some will be used to keep the body at the right temperature and some will provide the energy we need to move things around. What is surprising is that 20 % of that energy is used by the brain. That could be enough to fry the brain of anybody who does not think. Experience shows that this is not the case.

  • The brain has 86 billion neurons and most of them are not being used. They should have atrophied and have disappeared long ago. How can you explain the presence in the human body of an organ that has not been used for 300 000 years?


  • We are not conscious when we are asleep. This is most unfortunate. We know that sleep deprivation creates serious problems. We also know that a good night sleep can solve problems that we could not solve during the day. An important part of our life remains bewildering.


  • During the day our brain receives signals from our senses. Those signals are powerful and limited to the material world. They are like the sun that prevents us from seeing the stars. We are prisoner of our body. Plato’s allegory of the cave still applies to us. You only have to replace the cave by the human body. At night we don’t receive signals from the sense organs. We get an opportunity to see the stars.


  • The history of mankind is the history of increased consciousness.  After getting conscious of what is between red and violet, we became conscious of the infra-red and the ultra-violet. Microscopes made us conscious of the very small and telescopes made us conscious of the very large. In the 21st century the scientists are saying that we should go much further. Our material world represents only 5% of reality. The other 95% remain to be explored.


  • Our environment comes in layers. We are conscious of the three layers of matter, plants and animals below us. We are not conscious of layers that could be above us. To understand what happens in one layer you need access to the level above it. To understand the purpose of our life, we would need access to the level above us. That would require something better than human thinking. This is our glass ceiling.


  • What is most important in our life does not come from the material world. Love, feelings, music, happiness cannot be measured and used in experimentations. They seem to come from a higher level and percolate down to us. Mobility, for instance, was implemented in different ways at different levels. At the human levels we can change the shape of our body and make tools such as shoes, cars, train, planes, subways, ships to increase our mobility. Animals can only change the shape of their bod. Plants can only have their seeds blown away in the wind.


  • Body and soul can get separated and get reunited. Every day somebody dies on the operating table until the surgeon finds a way to reunite the soul and the corpse. That makes the human being the association of two elements- a body and a soul.


  • Sadomasochism is part of human nature. Masochism makes you take a chance with your life to save a few seconds on the freeway while you have nothing urgent to do. You find it in gambling and in wars. Sadism made us use laws and religions and everything at our disposal to impose our way of thinking on others.


  • Our evolution is accelerating. That does not mean that our brain is improving. It is true that we made computers, cell phones, atomic bombs and satellites. We made them by connecting the brains of many people. A computer is made of millions of simple ideas from millions of people. The human brain did not go through a mutation when we started making computers.


  • People who had a Near Death Experience are telling us that a human being can experience unlimited love and perfect happiness when they are separated from their body. Most people have never experienced NDE but it is good to know that this is accessible to human beings.

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