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There is hope

The cycles:

Our night and day cycle is part of other cycles. It makes us part of the rotation of the earth around its axle and part of the movement of the stars on their orbits. That leads to the idea that the movement of the stars allows for a current moving from matter to higher levels. The earth could transform energy into consciousness. The sun could transform consciousness into something else…  and so on. By searching far away that we can find what is deep inside us.


The main characteristic of one level can also be found, to a lesser degree, in the levels below. It percolates from top to bottom. For instance, thinking is a characteristic of the human level. You also can find some thinking at the animal level. The lion hunting for a zebra must evaluate the distance of its prey, how fast the zebra can run and for how long and compare that with how fast it can run and for how long. This is thinking. The lion could make better decisions than we could with our computer and our GPS.


Let’s look at the different ways ‘mobility’ was implemented at different levels. Humans move by changing the shape of their body. They are also using tools. They made shoes, bicycles, cars, trains, ships and planes to help moving their body further and faster. The idea is always the same. You put the bodies in a box and move the box. At the level of animals (the level below us), mobility is limited to changing the shape of their body. At the level of plants, further down, mobility is limited to their seeds being carried away by the wind. “Mobility” gets more and more ‘simplified’ as you go down to lower levels.

That could be the general architecture of our world. The closer you get to the material world the more limited and simplified everything is. When one cause produces one effect and everything can be measured you are down to the domain of science. It is a good place to start. It teaches to follow rules. It develops your thinking until you are ready to move to a higher level.

A step ladder:

Percolating also works in reverse. This becomes a step ladder at our disposal.

We know that some “things” manifest themselves in both the material and the intangible world.  For instance heat does not have a shape, a color, a weight but blisters remind us of its presence in the material world. This is also the case of love, harmony, life, energy, happiness, music and what we call “the arts” in general.  They could be used as a transition between our 5% material world and a wider consciousness. They could be a step in the right direction.

Education increases consciousness. We don’t go to school to learn solutions that are already stored on the internet. We go to school to acquire a level of consciousness that will expand our life. We don’t know what we are going to discover but we have good reasons to believe that we still have a lot to discover. That will require more and more ways to increase consciousness. We want to know what cannot be put into words. We want to be aware of what cannot be seen. We need a science of the intangible. We should pay less attention to the skyscrapers and more to the museums. 

The way we experience love, happiness and harmony may also be very limited. We could dream of unlimited happiness, unlimited harmony and the unlimited music of the spheres.

Children also could help: Their world is not subject to the laws of the material world. A wooden box can become a race car. Children are free to decide in which world they want to live.  They give us the impression of being outside our jail and looking at us - unconvinced.


Our evolution is accelerating

There is hope. Our world is changing and keeps changing faster and faster. We are coming out of a period of 300 000 years of stagnation. The changes were so slow that you could assume that there was no evolution at all. It took mankind thousands of years to make a bicycle. Within one century we went from the bicycle to landing on the moon. Something is happening. All of a sudden we see computers, MRI, cell phones, vaccines, antibiotics, planes and satellites. That’s only a beginning. A computer may look complicated but it is made of millions of simple ideas. We learned to associate many ideas from many different brains.  There is more to come. Some day we may be able to get our 86 billion neurons working full time.  Our grand-children may think that we were really primitive - with good reasons.

Our evolution will accelerate as we learn how to use a limited consciousness to develop more consciousness.

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