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How can we help?

Let’s imagine what our life could be if we had a higher consciousness.

- Our main concern would be the survival of our species.  No more wars. They are detrimental to the human species.

- The complexity of our body would make us more humble. We would help our immune system to heal our body instead of pushing it aside and pretending to know better.

- Our linear way of thinking is a good place to start. Adults could do better.

- Our notion of Good and Bad would change. Anything that helps us moving up to a higher level would be considered as ‘good’. What is pulling us down would be ‘bad’.

- Love for another individual would become part of a more general love of the world. It would become a stepladder to a higher idea of love.

- We would be conscious of the sadomasochism in many aspects of our life and overcome it.

- Just by looking at food we could evaluate its effect on our health. That could make some commercial really disgusting.

- Should we still need governments? If we are at our best when we serve others, our need for police, armies, and laws may be limited.

Distancing yourself from material world

Let’s start with a simple example such as ‘chocolate’. How do you distance yourself from chocolate? You could move to a cavern where there is no temptation. This is very commendable but there is no guaranty that you will not return to chocolate when you come back from your cavern. 

Use your body to identify your attachment to the material world

and bring changes to your soul.

A better way would be to face your craving for chocolate until something changes in your soul that gives you the strength to enjoy some chocolate and lets you free to stop at will. You use your body to identify your attachment to the material world and bring changes to your soul.

After your victory over chocolate you can move to bigger challenges. You could try to get your freedom back from the TV set. This is more difficult because the TV has light, movement, sounds. Those are the attributes of life. Who decides how much time you spend watching TV? Is it the screen or is it you? Maybe a TV with pedals would help!  When it is not worth pedaling the TV stops! Try to use TV without abusing it.

banknote 3.webp

As you progress, you will be trying to recover your freedom from money. Our servant became our master.  Politicians make waves. Money makes the tide. It is money that decides where you live, your education, what you eat, the clothes you wear, your profession, the people you know. Those pieces of paper can be exchanged for anything material. To be free from money is to be free from matter. Your soul will not move to higher world as long as she cannot dominate her craving for money.

Remember the children’s story of the giant who could not get up because he was attached to the ground by many little ropes. Money is tying us to the material world with its many little ropes.

Imagine a society where money would be secondary. Instead of looking for the highest return you would invest in companies that create more happiness for your fellow men. The main concern of the CEO would be to better satisfy his customers instead of satisfying his shareholders. His Board of Directors could include some psychologists. The pharmaceutical industry would try to make cheaper and cheaper medicines. Everybody would have the same access to food….

The most important in your distancing from matter will be to get your sadomasochism under control. The first step will be to identify masochism where ever it is present in your life. Do you need more pockets in your clothes?  Do you force yourself to do things that are not necessary?  Could you avoid some conflicts with others? Sadomasochism is an obstacle that needs to be removed.

The increase of consciousness that you are getting today will pave the way for another increase tomorrow.

One step further: 

What can we do to improve our consciousness any further? Our brain receives energy from our body. At night we associate this energy with our will to increase our consciousness. This may be a step in the right direction but this is very limited. This is what we have done for 300 000 years. The only difference is that during those 300 000 years we did not focus on an increase of consciousness. We must do better. We must do for consciousness what we did for food. We must increase production.

One possibility is meditation. We can try to recreate during the day what happens at night. The brain does not receive information from our senses. You push aside any concern with the material world.

Another possibility is to increase the amount of energy at the disposal of our brain when we are asleep. We are told that the main sexual organ is the brain. Imagine that you are able to redirect this energy. You can place it at the disposal of your 86 billion neurons at night. Your increased consciousness the next morning would completely change the way you see your life and the way you see the world!

Does that sound crazy? Think of your grand-father saying that his grand-children will be landing on the moon, use computers, take pictures inside the brain using MRI and have a little box in their pocket that will give them access to all the knowledge mankind has ever produced. Grandad would have spent some time in a mad house. Our evolution is accelerating. What is dreaming today may become reality tomorrow.

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