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Homo sapiens - Wake up 

The first reason for associating the soul with a body is that 20% of the energy that we get from our food in used in the brain. We have some reasons to believe that, at night, this energy could produce an increase of consciousness.

Another reason to spend some time on earth is that the body reveals to the soul its attachment to the material world. We already know of the four levels of matter, plants, animals and humans. They are made of matter. We also know that what is most important in our life such as love, ideas, feelings, emotional connections… does not have a weight, a shape and a color. They don’t belong to the material world. Consciously or not, we want to get access to levels above us. We want to get through our glass ceiling. That would be doing for the soul what puberty is doing for the body. We enter a new world. Everything is the same but everything is different.

Our link to the material world is our body. It is our jail and that jail is governed by money. We created a servant and let the servant become our master. It is money that decides where we live, who we know, our education, our profession, the food we eat and the clothes we wear. It even influences who we are going voting for.  We live under the dictatorship of money.  The first step to escape our jail is to free ourselves from the domination of money.

Getting through our glass ceiling may change the way we look at religions, science and even The Arts. It will change also the way we treat each other. We are on the same boat trying to reach the same goal. We need a puberty of the soul like we have a puberty of the body. We may not be the master of our ship but we are trying to master the wind blowing in our sails. We all come from the same Big Bang. This link remains between any two galaxies and any two human beings.

Unlock your potential with Pepe Brainjuice: See the world differently. We live at a time where human evolution is accelerating. Don't be left behind. Happiness is only a consequence. Look for what causes happiness. Go deeper.  Try to look for what gives a meaning to your life. 

Our wars about oil reserve, raw materials, ideologies and territories are preposterous.  They keep us attached to the level of matter. We are fighting the wrong battle. The real conflict is inside us. This could make planet earth look like a place of hard work. It is not Hell. It is not Paradise. It is more like a purgatory. Think of a sunset on the ocean. We are like those millions of little sparks, separated from one another but reflecting the light from the same sun.

The purpose of our life on earth is to push the envelope of human consciousness. The criterion of success is a soul that can be in a body like heat can be inside an object, without getting attached to it.

Homo sapiens - Wake up! 


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