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“What is the purpose of our life on earth” That may not be the right question to ask. It would rather be:

“What could motivate a soul to be associated to

a human body, even for a short period of time?”

The human body is high maintenance. It needs to be fed three times a day. It has to be cleaned every day. It is important to keep it at the right temperature. Nails and hair need to be trimmed. You have to take this body to the doctor, the oculist, the dentist. You even need to build hospitals in case of emergency. The best you can expect after all this tender loving care is that it does not hurt! What could possibly attract a normal soul to such a body? Is it pure masochism or can we find a better answer?


The human predicament:

Consciousness is in the dictionary but don’t expect many details. We know that we have some consciousness and that it is very important in our life. It is like a safe without the combination to open it. How can we pretend to know ourselves when we don’t even know what is at the center of a human being?


Our main activities on earth:

In the short term, we eat and we sleep. We could not survive very long without both of them. In the long term we need to reproduce.  It is in the combination of eating and sleeping that we may find the purpose of our life.

-To eat is to absorb the energy stored in the plants. We are told that 20% of this energy is absorbed by the brain and we don’t know how it is used. (You may wonder why nobody gets fried).

-To sleep is even more of a mystery. Somebody asleep looks like a car left in the garage while the driver is gone.


How do we get conscious?

-There is the material way: We get information from our senses.

For more than 300 000 years the main source of information on the Homo sapiens was their vision. Their consciousness was limited between red and violet. In the past two centuries we used instruments to make us conscious of the infra-red, the ultra-violet, the microbes and the galaxies. We ventured even further. We assume the existence of particles so small that we will never be able to see them. Our instruments are telling us about their weight, their speed, their electrical charge… This is enough to make us conscious of those particles. If, some day, a new experiment tells us that it is a different phenomenon that behaves like a particle, we will have to change our consciousness.

-There is also a way to get conscious that does not rely on the material world. A mother could “know” why her child is crying without a need for explanations. You may know that somebody is lying.

To solve a problem is to become conscious of its solution. We find it much easier to understand the solution that to solve the problem. An easy way to increase our consciousness is to study the solutions that others have found.

To solve a problem

is to become conscious

of its solution

-We can get conscious of our consciousness like we can think about our thinking.

It is simple. When we make a mistake in our calculations we have to search what was wrong with our thinking. Looking for the mistake makes us think about our thinking. In the same way, we could sense the limits of our consciousness.

The purpose of education is to increase consciousness by learning the solution that other people have found before us.  It is not a coincidence that science appeared as the world population was multiplied by 10. More people generated more communication between them leading to an increased in consciousness.

A possible explanation:

Astronomers are telling us that our material world represents only 5% of the universe. There is a lot that we are not aware of. The level of human beings is the level of thinking. The level above us could be the level of consciousness.


How can we increase our consciousness?

We have at our disposal 20% of the energy that we get from our food. Moreover, we have a very limited use of the 86 billion neurons of our brain. After 300 000 years on earth, an organ that is not used should have atrophied and disappeared. We could assume that, at night, our 86 billion neurons are using our 20% of energy to increase our consciousness. When we wake up the next morning, it is an increased consciousness that solves our problem.


How do you decide what your neurons are going to work on at night?

Awake Asleep.png

Let’s assume that we follow a cycle like the earth turns around the sun. When we are awake we go around one focus and have access to a limited number of our 86 billion neurons. When we are asleep we go around the other focus and have access to most of our neurons. 

Closing the loop makes you part of the cycle of night and day. You belong to the many cycles in the universe. You will become conscious that you belong to the world and the whole world is in you.

The Near Death Experience gives us an idea of what happens when we have full access to our neurons. We get full consciousness. We get above our glass ceiling. We get access to the past, to the future and to love.

The best we can do, when we are awake, is to push the limits of our consciousness. We can identify our limits and associate with them our 20% of energy. At night, our 86 billion neurons will have a task and the energy to work on it. This is how we prepare a meal. We spend energy following the recipe. We place it in the oven and let it cook.


Today we are misusing our sleep. We let our neurons work on the junk in our garage or our ego gratification or on problems of sadomasochism that we created ourselves.

What could be the purpose of our life?

During the day our consciousness is limited to the material world by our sense organs. That makes the soul conscious of its attachment to the level of matter and gives it the energy necessary to liberate itself.

Associating the soul with a body,

gives the soul an opportunity

to free itself from the material world

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