The taboos

Our grand-parents did not talk about sex. That was taboo. Many mothers did not even warn their daughters. The situation has improved … about sex only. There are many taboos that still exist. Let’s drop the fences and make a list of what we don’t know! Let’s have a look at what is important in our life and will never make the Evening News. We will have to face them sooner or later anyway.


  • Nuclear close calls:

We survived 16 close calls to a nuclear annihilation. That should make us suspicious and start a serious investigation.​ Is this more than good luck? Are we getting help from some Aliens?


  • There may be a limit to our food supply:

Our skeleton is renewed four times a year. That requires a lot of calcium. This calcium must come from our food and our food comes from the soil. Can we extract calcium from the soil indefinitely? We try to compensate by using fertilizers. Calcium is only one of the 91 nutrients that we need to stay in good health. Are we going to reach a maximum of food production like we reached a maximum in our oil production?


  • We have reached the maximum occupancy of planet earth:

The earth’s maximum occupancy is around 10 billion humans if they all are vegetarians. We have reached 8 billion and many of us are not vegetarians. That creates problems of food, pollution of the air and rivers and the oceans. Governments only talk about all the symptoms. Politicians do not mention the cause of those problems which is the world population. Limiting the number of children people can have is not the best way to get reelected. The solution will not come from the governments. It will come from Nature. When there are too many preys, Nature increases the number of predators and everybody gets back in line. Could we take the initiative and make our life on earth more civilized?


  • Our consciousness is very limited:

We get conscious of our environment through our senses and our senses are very limited. We try to compensate our shortcomings by using instruments. This is not sufficient. Scientists say that we are limited to 5% of the universe. Plato would agree. His allegory of the cave still applies. We must develop our consciousness.


  • There is a by-pass to human consciousness.

We receive information from our senses and apply our thinking to these information ….. most of the time … but not always. Hypnotists can by-pass our critical mind. They can convince us that we are on a bicycle in the middle of the ocean. They say that we spend 70% of our time in ‘automatic pilot’.  Dictators have used this by-pass of the human mind very successfully.


  • We live under a glass ceiling:

The universe comes in different levels. We know of the levels of matter and plants and animals below us. We have good reasons to believe that there are many more levels above us. To get access to superior levels would require a level of consciousness that we don’t have. This is our glass ceiling.


  • Every death before 120 years is a premature death:

The human body is made to live between 120 and 140 years. Medicine and better hygiene have prolonged our life expectancy from 30 years to 80 years. We are only halfway. Why can't we do better?


  • Human evolution is accelerating:

It took us more than 3000 years to make a bicycle. Within one century we went from the bicycle to landing on the moon. In only one generation the computers have completely transformed our society. We have a body and a soul. Our body belongs to the material world. The soul does not. It seems that the human evolution is distancing us more and more from the material world. Are we rowing against the current?


  • What is good or bad?

If we could get conscious of the purpose of our life, we could participate in our own evolution. That would save time and avoid a lot of misery. It would also change our notion of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Everything helping our evolution would be considered to be good even if it can sometimes be painful. What does not contribute to our evolution would, at best, be a waste of time.


  • Sadomasochism:

It is part of human nature and can be found at many levels in many countries.

There is masochism in the gambling industry. Not using the metric system satisfies a need for masochism. To impose your religion or political opinions on others is sadism. Life in society requires some laws. Sadomasochism starts when we are making laws that are not necessary. Wars make you suffer and bring suffering to others. They are a powerful way to satisfy a need for sadomasochism. We also used social conventions.

Make an audit of your life. Would you risk an accident to save a few seconds on the freeway? Do you use your profession to enforce your opinions? Do you try to impose your point of view to others? Do you let your children free to join any religion, any political party, any profession they like? Do you have your sadomasochism under control?


  • BUT:

There must be a good reason to spend time in this world. Our life on earth makes us conscious of the attachment that our soul still has to the material world. It is an opportunity for the soul to “let go of the moorings” and move to higher levels.

The human evolution is speeding up. By increasing our level of consciousness we can participate in our own evolution. We can use our will to detach ourselves from the material world. This is worth spending a little time in this purgatory.

Pepe Brainjuice