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What could be the purpose of human life?

We are in the position of the detective looking for clues. We may not have a scientific proof but we can have strong suspicions. 


Here is a list of our clues.

- Humans are on level 4, above matter, plants and animals and there could be many more levels above us.

-We don’t own planet earth. We are here as a guest for a very short time.

- The real question is: “What could motivate a soul to get associated with a human body, even for a short period of time?”

- We have a body and a soul. The body belongs to the physical world. The soul does not.

- What is most important in our life, such as love, ideas, feelings, life, the need to belong, values… is found in the non-physical world.

- Body and soul can get separated and put back together in the operating room, without dying. Something similar seems to happen every night when we fall asleep.

- The human body is high maintenance.

- The human body reveals the attachment of the soul to the physical world.

- Our body is our jail. During the day our consciousness is limited to the information that we receive from our senses organs and our senses organs are very limited. Plato’s allegory of the cave still applies. Our body is our cave and we are kept there in solitary confinement.

- There is a glass ceiling that prevents us from having access to the level 5 above us.

- We don’t know what level 5 is made of. It could be consciousness. It could be love. There could be several levels between us and love.

- What is symptomatic of one level can be implemented, in the levels below, in a more simplistic way - such as mobility.

- Our life is divided in two different domains: sleeping and awake.

- When the soul is separated from the body, we can have a more general view of our life that is independent of time. We may have to change our idea of what we call ‘time’.

- Sleeping is important even if we don’t know why. Solving problems in our sleep could result from an increase of consciousness.

- Our brain is using 20 times more energy than expected and we don’t know the exact purpose of the 100 billion neurons in our brain.

- There seems to be a connection between sleeping, memory, consciousness, energy, time and space.

- We associate time with a cycle. There is the cycle of the earth around the sun and the sun turning around the Milky Way. We use rhythm in music. Soldiers walking on the same rhythm get a feeling of belonging to a community. Rhythm can increases consciousness.

- Sadomasochism is part of human nature.

Life’s purpose

Can we conceive a human life that would be compatible with those clues?

The media would let you think that planet earth belongs to the humans. It is nothing more than a stack of raw material at our disposal. We are free to use it and abuse it as we please. Mother Nature may have a different opinion. She tried to use 8 human species before us from the Ardipithicines to the Homo floresiensis.  The first 8 did not make it. They were discontinued. The Homo sapiens are her 9th attempt. We must recognize that for the past 200 years the behavior of the human guest was most unfortunate. We plunder the natural resources. We pollute the air, the rivers and even the oceans. We are depleting the oil reserves. We may also be depleting the minerals in the arable soil. We are leaving behind us plastic and radioactive wastes that will last for thousands of years. We even managed to start a global warming. Would you blame Nature for discontinuing her 9th attempt to use mankind?


The only excuse we may have for our despicable behavior is our ignorance. Two centuries ago we made machines to help the farmers increase their food production. That was a good idea. We also used the machines to increase the world population. That was a danger. We were thinking as separate individuals. We were not conscious that multiplying the world’s population by ten could jeopardize the balance that existed between the Homo sapiens and nature for more than 300 000 years. We did not keep our life ‘in alignment’ with nature.  “Use but don’t abuse” is a law of Nature that we should never forget.


Let’s assume that we will be forgiven and we can find a way to get back in line with nature.

Our body reveals the attachment of our soul to the material world. It is also a source of energy. Our life on earth is using both in our attempt to move to higher worlds.


The criterion of success is a soul that can be
in a body like heat penetrates an object
without getting attached to it.


This is not the final answer to our question: “What is the purpose of our life?”

We learned from the scientists to make theories and replace them with better ones. Moreover, the theories need to be confirmed by experience. We may have to live our life to get fully conscious of its meaning.

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