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Homo sapiens - Unite

There is a need for balance:

It seems that there are two opposite currents in our life. There is one that we are well aware of. It is what happens in our life every day with its joys and its pains. The other current is more subtle. It is both powerful and quiet. One current makes waves. The other makes the tide.

For 300 000 years the Homo sapiens have been fighting for their survival. That was the waves. In the past 200 years they started a development that nobody could have predicted. They are carried by a tide.


Is Mother Nature taking care of the tides?

Let’s take two identical seeds. If we plant one in the soil at the right place and the right time, a tree will grow. If we break the other seed and plant it in the soil, nothing will grow. What happens to our tree? Breaking the seed was breaking a flow of nature that kept going for centuries. What is important in this cycle is not the number of atoms that we plant but what keeps those atoms together and what keep the seed part of the cycles of nature. What is most important will not be found in the material world.

When we look at a sunset on the ocean we see millions of little sparks. They are separate individual sparks but what is important is that they reflect the light from the same sun. We are those individual sparks, united by the same sun.

Astronomers start with the unity of the Big Bang and describe a universe falling apart. They call it an increase of entropy leading to more and more chaos. The separation between the parts should be balanced by its opposite. When you break a cookie, you get the pieces and the link between them. The link between the parts must remain somewhere. Consciousness is restoring the links between the pieces.

The general motivation is a search for unity. Astronomers want to go back to the Big Bang! They want to get access to the links between the pieces that we can see in the sky.

We can divide the world into millions of little pieces and study them separately. That could give us a feeling of power. We think that if we can dominate every piece of our material world we can dominate the world. We forget that we are dealing with only 5% of the universe. Following this trend would make us spiral down to lower levels. The most important part is the link between the pieces and this link is not part of our material world. It could be part of a wider consciousness and consciousness could be the step above mankind. Some of it may be trickling down to our level. It seems that in the past 200 years we may have enjoyed some increase of consciousness. We became conscious of the infra-red and the ultra-violets, and MRI and radio and computers.  This is what we should cultivate. To solve a problem is to become conscious of its solution. The purpose of education is to increase consciousness. We should focus on the immaterial world. This is what will make us spiral up to a higher level.

Let’s keep in mind that this is the 9th attempts of nature to use humans. The first eights did not make it. They were discontinued. What was missing could be the access to a higher level.


What could we use as a criterion of success? Happiness?

Everybody is looking for happiness. It does not have color, odor, shape or weight. It cannot be measured. It does not belong to the material world but it is very important in our life.

Happiness is a consequence. We have to look for the cause. If you are only looking for the effect you will never find happiness.


The causes that we have found, so far, is to obtain liberation, everlasting bliss, to be free of problems, to be in peace, in social harmony and in freedom. It is even included in the US Declaration of Independence. It seem that the material world is not the right place to look for happiness. Instead of searching for happiness outside, we should look inside. One possibility could be a life that furthers human evolution. To remain at the stage of the Homo abilis who lived in Africa 2 million years ago is not our idea of happiness. To be a willing participant in our personal evolution and in the evolution of mankind gets you closer to the laws of nature. Even if it is the only thing you achieved in your life, it would make your life worth it. Without it, something would be missing in your life. That may not be the final answer but it should be part of the answer.


Our survival, as individuals, is associated with the survival of the Homo sapiens species. To free the soul from the material world is only a beginning. Getting the soul ‘in alignment’ with nature makes us part of a more general process.

Homo sapiens - Unite

The time has come to look at ourselves in the mirror and take our responsibilities. We have to regain our freedom from money and detach ourselves from the material world. Instead of fighting and blaming each other, we should get conscious of our sadomasochism and get it under control. There is no place in our future for conflicts about territory, oil, religions, natural resources and ideologies. This is childish. It is by getting conscious of the purpose of our life that we will get out of our cave. The real battle is inside us. We have to free our soul from the shackles of the physical world and get over our glass ceiling.


We may not be the master of our ship but we are trying to master the wind blowing in our sails. What is new in the 21st century is that we are getting conscious of our evolution. We can participate in the process and speed it up. We can transform our failures into a learning experience. What does not kill us makes us stronger. Future historians may divide human history in two periods: “Before and after humans became willing participants in their own evolution. 

We must succeed where eight species of humans have failed. This is not something we can do alone. The time has come to stop fighting each other and start fighting for a common goal.

Homo sapiens of the earth - Unite

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