An Alien's visit

alien 5.png

An alien came to earth to make an appraisal of the situation.

“Hello earthlinks!  Nice to see you again.

It seems that you have reached the maximum occupancy of your planet. There is pollution and the temperature is going up. Our Farmer in Chief sent me here to make an appraisal of the situation. He said that he wants to do something before this place is completely wasted. Here is my appraisal.

- After 300000 years on planet earth, the Homo sapiens have still not found a way to live in society without fighting each others like kids in the playground.  This is a lack of maturity.

- You decided that planet earth belongs to you and you are free to use it as you please. Since you don't have any contact with your neighbors it cannot hurt anybody and we decided to let you believe whatever you want.

- You still have no idea of what happens during your sleep. Good!  That’s the way we want it. We first tested this design on the Neanderthals. It is working better than we expected. You are only conscious of your body and the material world.

- You only have a partial use of your brain. We will have to decide if you have reached a point in your evolution where we could put some more at your disposal.

- You cannot tell which food is good for you and which food could kill you - like the mushrooms. This is very puzzling to me. All the animals know which food is good to them and even which food to eat when they are sick. I see no reason humans could have the same possibility. There is also the possibility that it wither if you don't use it for many years. I will report that to the management and see what we can do about it.

- Your science is based on causes and effects but you don’t know the consequences of your own actions. You can’t tell if losing your job is a disaster or a marvelous opportunity. How can you have such contradictions and pretend that your brain will dominate the universe?

- Some animals can see the infra-red or the ultra-violet. You need to catch up.

- There is a way to by-pass your conscious mind and get direct access to your subconscious. It is used by the dictators and the hypnotists. That may be your main problem. It does not have a shape, a weight, a color. It is not in the material world and nobody cares about it.

- Your life is governed by your motivations and you pretend that your motivations are under your control. This is pure illusion.  Leaders motivate their people one way or another. At work, your boss tries to motivate you. The salesmen influence your motivation every day. We can do even better. We don't need laws and police and jails to control your life. We don't need fancy weapons. Keep them for your material world. We only control your motivations and you will never know that it does not come from "you".

- You are starting to explore the universe around you. Chances are that you will find far away something that is already deep inside you. This is the association of opposites. If you are not convinced, look around you and you will find many examples of opposites made to work together - starting with male and female. You have a lot to discover and we can help.

- You know that without your sun your planet would be nothing more than a piece of rock - A very cold and completely dead piece of rock. Everything on earth, worth something, comes from the light of your sun and you are not investigating what this light is all about. Does it bring life? Does it bring new species? New plants? If it did not, all the plants and animals would have vanished long ago. The first thing to investigate should be the light from your sun.

Don’t complain. We are only doing to you what you are doing to your cows and your sheep.  You are using them and taking care of them. The increase of the earth population is proof that we took good care of you. Did you even wonder how your atomic bombs never started a war by accident? So far, you got very close 16 times. Do you think that it is pure chance that you are still alive or did you get help from some Aliens?


Now we are getting to the main reason of your existence. We are using you, the Homo sapiens, to extract what is in your plants. Your cows extract meat and milk from the grass. The chicken extracts eggs. The sheep extract wool. Humans go one step further. They extract feelings. This is what we are looking for. Your feeling of love is very appreciated. It may not be pure - like a love of the world - but we can refine it.  This is what we are harvesting from the Homo sapiens.  It may not be the best way to go about it and we may need a better source of love and feelings. There are other suppliers in the Milky Way and elsewhere. 


So far, I can see two ways to solve your problem. We could change your motivation in such a way that most of you would not want to have children for the next 100 years. That would bring back the earth population where it was two centuries ago and solve most of your problems. Another possibility would be to start transferring some of you to another planet. There are billions and billions of planets out there. Our farmer in chief should be able to find one already polluted where you would feel at home. That could be an opportunity to implement some improvements that are overdue.  If we cannot move animals and people at the same time, we could give priority to the vegetarians. All we need is a planet with a coat of arable earth and plants already growing on it. The rest will follow.”

We could decide that this is pure fantasy. However, we cannot decide that Aliens will never come to earth and this fantasy will never happen. Imagine that you wake up one morning to learn that the Aliens have landed. How would you feel? We better unite. Our conflicts between countries would look very immature. 

Let's save time and a lot of misery. We don't have to wait for Aliens' visit. We can face ourselves what is the purpose of our life.

Pepe Brainjuice