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What is life?

What is the purpose of the human life?

We all try to answer that question the best we can but we die before we get a final answer.

  •  We are not directly conscious of life.

We cannot tell the difference between a real cat sleeping on the sofa and a stuffed animal. The truth is that we don’t really know what life is. It does not have a shape, a weight, a color. You cannot measure it. You cannot experiments on it. It seems to be outside the domain of science - but don’t say that to a biologist. We are only conscious of the effects of life such as movement, heat and noise. That could explain why we like to watch TV and stare at the wood burning in the fire place. They have color, movement, sound. They have the attributes of life.

There is some similarity between life and heat. Both of them can penetrate many things and completely transform them without being attached to them. Add some heat to a metal and it will melt. That will not prevent that heat from moving away to the environment. If we can add some heat to more heat, it should be possible to add some life to more life. Plants would get a small dose and animals would get more.

  • Life is in the soul

Have you ever watched somebody asleep? It looks like a car left in the garage after the driver moved out. The amount of life is reduced to the minimum necessary to keep the body ‘in working order’. Life is in the soul rather than in the body.

  •  5% and no more.

Dark matter 2.png

Our scientists have some bad news. They decided that the only way to explain the movement of faraway stars was to have a universe made of (approximately) 70% of dark energy, 25% of dark matter and 5% of 'ordinary' matter. They don't give much details about our dark side but they know, for sure, that we are made of 'ordinary matter'. 

The good news is that those 5% cannot be isolated from the rest of the universe. They are part of it. Everything in our 5% is related to our dark side. The life of a human being is part of the life of the Homo sapiens which is itself part of the life of the universe. There are trillions of stars in trillions of galaxies. We are an infinitely small part of something infinitely great.

  • Our body is our jail.  

Long ago (23 centuries) Plato wrote the allegory of the cave. It still applies. You only have to replace Plato's cave with our physical body.

Our senses organs are limited to the material world and can detect only a very small part of that world. Our eyesight is limited between red and violet. Why can't we see some infrared and some ultraviolet? Some animals can! Our hearing can detect 8 octaves. That a little bit better but not much.

You may have heard that the universe is built around mathematics. This is how we will dominate the world! Not so fast. Mathematics could represent nothing more than the very little part of the world that the human brain can handle.

  • We become prisoner of our own creations.

We keep making choices all along our life and those choices limit further freedom. The better you are at your job and the more difficult it will be to change profession. We make laws and become prisoner of our own laws. We created money and became prisoner of money. We made atomic bombs and became prisoner of our bombs. Our own creations become our filters between us and our environment. We carry with us our religious filter, our political filter, our social filter.

  • Our “creations” don’t come out of nothing.

They come from the 95% of the universe surrounding us.

What we call ‘To create’ could be opening a door and let some of the 95% enter our 5%. Scratching a match is to give heat an opportunity to enter our material world. The dam does not “create” electricity. It gives electricity an opportunity to enter our material world. The musician lets his inspiration penetrate the world of sounds. The painter does not create his colors. He combines them and his way of combining them comes from the intangible 95%. Speaking is opening a door to the world of ideas and let them enter our world of sounds. In a way speaking is creating.

  • We follow the cycles of night and day, like the plants.


        6 CO2          +  6 H2O                             C6 H12 O6  +  6 O2

 Carbon dioxide + Water                                  Sugar      +     oxygen


During the day, light energy is added to the left. The reaction moves to the right and produces sugar and oxygen. It is called photosynthesis. At night the reaction goes from right to left and produces chemical energy. It is called cellular respiration.

Plants are using the cycle of night and day to transform the light from our sun into chemical energy. This is only one of many cycles on earth. Something similar happens to the water of the ocean.  The energy from the sun evaporates the water of the ocean during the day. The clouds move that energy inland and the rain takes the water back to the ocean. The energy from the sun is transferred to the mountain.

This is a good opportunity to turn lose your imagination and have fun. Night and day are two opposites. You could take that one step further. During the day we can see the bodies but cannot see the souls. At night, we could sense the souls but not see the bodies….  You could make a parody of a famous play that you know. Imagine a theater where the stage is divided in two parts. On one side, it is day time and the play goes on as you know it. On the other side, it is night time where the souls are discussing what they are going to implement the next day after they get back into their body.

Nothing happens as scheduled - of course. Have fun!


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