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Our environment

Many levels

We cannot completely dissociate human beings from their environment. 

This is where everything becomes more complicated.

The universe comes in many layers. We know the three levels below us: matter, plants and animals. To investigate the levels above us is like asking the animals to investigate humans. Search ‘angelology’ and you will discover many hierarchies above mankind that you did not expect. All those beings have something in common. They have a soul without a body.

Some crazy ideas:

Planet earth needs to be well balanced.  She already has bodies without a soul (The plants). She also has bodies associated with souls (The humans). What is missing is souls without a body.  Instead of looking for the bodies of extra-terrestrials on other planets, we may be more successful looking for souls without a body. You may consider this to be weird and crazy. This is because our way of thinking is prisoner of our physical world.

The glass ceiling

 The best way at our disposal to investigate the levels above us is to make extrapolations.

We used two of them.

First extrapolation:

We move from one level to the level above by adding something important:

  • To move from matter to plants we have to add the ability to take a certain shape, to grow, to make seeds and to reproduce.

  • To move from the level of plants to animals we need to add the ability to move. That may require a brain, muscles and sometimes a skeleton.

  • To move from animals to humans, we have to add thinking.

  • To move from humans to the level above us we would have to add something better than human thinking - Something that we don’t have!


Second extrapolation:

To understand what happens at one level, we need access to the level above it.  


  • How can you explain that the water in the soil can overcome gravity, rise in the air and take a certain shape? You need access to the level of plants to understand what happens to matter.

  • How can you explain the reproduction of fruit trees? You need access to the level of the bees and pollination to understand the level of the plants.

  • The cow does not know what will happen after her death. The farmer does.

  • To understand the life of the humans we would need access to the level above them.


Those two extrapolations lead to the idea that to understand human life we would need access to the level above us and that requires something that we don’t have. This is our glass ceiling.

spiral staircase 1.jpg

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift .

Albert Einstein

We are in the vast universe like a fish in its pond. The fish knows that it went up and down, left and right.

It has seen everything there is to see in the world but does not know that its consciousness is limited.


Many attempts were made to get through our glass ceiling. We developed science, religions, music, painting, sculpture, architecture and what we call ‘the arts’ in general.

George Sand said that: “We search with the brain but find with the heart”.

What should we use to get through our glass ceiling? The brain or the heart?

Help wanted:

This is where you may feel powerless and would welcome any help. You could dive into the physical level below us. Breaking the universe into small parts and measuring everything can give you a feeling of security. It can also let you recreate your environment. That would explain the success of science.

You can go in the other direction and try to elevate yourself. “God smiles through the flowers”.  Your choice is to find god through the flowers or through books, whichever is easier for you. By the way, have you ever wondered why we offer flowers (instead of vegetables)? We may be more spiritual than we think.


-Something in our jail is percolating from the levels above us.

For instance ‘mobility’ was implemented in humans by changing the shape of our body and making machines that will move our body faster and further. In animals ‘mobility’ is limited to changing the shape of their body. In plants ‘mobility’ is limited even further to letting their seeds being blown away in the wind.

We can expect some characteristics from the levels above us to percolate down to our level. Love at a higher level could dissolve any conflict. At a lower level it is reduced to sexual attraction.

Another example is thinking. Behind the development of A.I. is a need to amplify our thinking. There is also some limited thinking in animals. The tiger trying to catch its prey must take into consideration how fast it can run and for how long and the distance of the preys and in which directions they can run.

There is thinking in animals like there is love in humans and life in plants.

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