Mother Nature is using the human body as a refinery

The main concern of human beings is to eat. What happens to all that food?

- Some of it is used locally.  About 20 million new cells are created every second to replace dead cells.

- Some of it creates heat to maintain the body within a very narrow range of temperatures.

- Some of it becomes mechanical energy that we use to move things around.

- There is also some fertilizer that we recycle.

So far the food is transformed into something that belongs to our material world.

It can also become something that has no shape no color and no weight.

- Ideas

- Feelings.

- 20% of our energy is used in the brain.

That makes a human being look like the cracking tower of a refinery.

cracking 10.png

In a cracking tower the crude oil is introduced as the input. Out of it come fuel for ships, cars, planes.... and a residue. Heavy products move to the bottom and lighter products move to the top.

In a human being the input is food. Fertilizer moves to the bottom. Ideas and feelings move to the top.

Heat is a the limit between the material world and the immaterial.

Mother Nature is using human beings to extract ideas and feeling from her plants. 

Part of our food is being recycled (the fertilizers). Chances are that bad ideas and bad feelings are also left aside for us to recycle.

What is Mother Nature doing with the love that we extract from her plants?

Our vegetables may be pointing us in the right direction. They extract nutrients from the soil and make food that will be harvested by the humans. Who could be harvesting the love produced by humans? Angels? Aliens?

Pepe Brainjuice