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The glass ceiling

We are conscious that our environment comes in layers. There are the layers of matter, plants, animals and we placed humans on the top layer - of course!

All those layers belong to the same world. There is a connection between them. You move from one to the next by adding something important. You move from matter to plant by adding the possibility to grow, to get a certain shape, make seeds and reproduce. You move from plants to animals by adding the ability to move. You move from animals to humans by adding thinking.

What comes to mind is: Could we add something more and get access to a level above mankind? What could be the level above mankind? The candidates are consciousness, love, life, energy and more. 

            Our environment

We know that our environment is governed by the cycles of night and day.

        6 CO2          +  6 H2O

Carbon dioxide   +   Water

C6 H12 O6  +  6 O2

     Sugar    +  oxygen

During the day, light energy is added to the left. The reaction moves to the right and produces sugar and oxygen. It is called photosynthesis. At night the reaction goes from right to left and produces chemical energy. It is called cellular respiration.

Plants are using the cycle of night and day to transform the light from our sun into chemical energy.

The glass ceiling

To understand what happens at one level, you need access to the level above it.  How can you explain that the water in the ground can overcome gravity, rise up in the air and take a certain shape? You need access to the level of the plants to understand the level of matter. How can you explain that fruit trees can reproduce? They need help from the bees. You need access to the level of the animals to understand the level of the plants. The cow does not know the purpose of its life. The farmer does. To understand what governs our life we would need access to the level above us. That would require something better than our thinking.  Try to search “Angel” or “Angelology”. You will discover another world that you did not expect. You have reached our glass ceiling.

There is some similarity between our glass ceiling and puberty. Both require a long preparation. They bring changes that we could not have imagined. They both change the way we see the world and our place in that world. After the puberty of the body comes the puberty of the soul.


Our body is our jail

We were told, at school, that our vision is limited between red and violet. Nobody asked why. Are we being punished?

Don't argue! It is that way because that’s the way it is!

We decided that we are not conscious at night. It could be the opposite? We could be fully conscious at night and have a limited consciousness during the day. Can you be sure that, at night, when our eyes are closed, we are not conscious of the infra-red and the ultra-violet? The allegory of  Plato’s cave still applies. You only have to replace the cave with the human body.

There is even worse.

We are not directly conscious of life.

Let’s face reality. We cannot tell the difference between a real cat sleeping on the sofa and a stuffed animal. The truth is that we don’t really know what life is. It seems to be outside the domain of science (but don’t say that to a biologist). We are only conscious of the effects of life such as movement, heat and noise. That could explain why we like to watch TV and stare at the wood burning in the fire place. They have color, movement, sound. They have the attributes of life.


We are not directly conscious of heat.

This is why we get blisters. This is how heat is reminding us of its presence in our material world. There is some similarity between life and heat. Both of them can penetrate many things and completely transform them without being attached to them. Add some heat to a metal and it will melt. That will not prevent that heat from moving away to the environment. If we can add some heat to more heat, it should be possible to add some life to more life. Plants would get a small dose and animals would get more.


We have a limited consciousness.

You may have heard that the universe is built on mathematics. This is how humans will dominate the world. Not so fast! Mathematics could represent nothing more than the very little part of the world that the human brain can handle.

Long ago (23 centuries) Plato wrote the allegory of the cave. The people in his cave had a limited consciousness - just like us. They denied anything outside the domain of their senses. Replace Plato's cave with our body and you will see that his allegory of the cave still applies to us.


We are prisoner of our own creations

Plato could have gone even further. We keep making choices all along our life and those choices limit further freedom. The better you are at your job and the more difficult it will be to change profession. We make laws and become prisoner of our own laws. We created money and became prisoner of money. We made atomic bombs and became prisoner of our bombs. Our own creations become our filters between us and our environment. We carry with us our religious filter, our political filter, our social filter.


And there is worse

Scientists are saying that our material world does not represent more than 5% of the total universe. The rest is made of dark matter and dark energy that we did not know existed.  Not only do we have to get out of Plato’s cave and totally embrace the material world but we also have to get out of the material world and embrace our dark side. We don’t create something. We only give dark matter and dark energy an opportunity to penetrate our material world. Our dams on the river do not create electricity. They only give electricity and opportunity to manifest itself in our world. You don’t create light and heat by scratching a match. You only give light and heat an opportunity to manifest themselves. Speaking is opening a door to the world of ideas and let them enter our world of sounds. In a way speaking is creating. We don’t go to school to learn solutions that are already stored on the internet. We go to school to expand our level of consciousness. We want to know what cannot be put into words. We want to be aware of what cannot be seen.


What we call our consciousness may be nothing more than a limited implementation at our level of a more general consciousness from the level above us.

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