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How can we speed up our own evolution?

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Human evolution is accelerating
It took us more than 5000 years to make a bicycle but only 200 years to go from the bicycle to landing on the moon. In the last century we made machines to amplify the physical work that our body can generate. With A.I. we are trying to amplify what our brain can think. We can be, at the same time, willing participants and carried away by the human evolution like we can be willing participants and carried away by A.I. 

- The goal is to free our soul from the physical world.

Let’s start with a simple example such as ‘chocolate’. How do you distance yourself from chocolate? You could move to a cavern where there is no temptation. This is very commendable but there is no guaranty that you will not return to chocolate when you come back from your cavern. 

A better way would be to face your craving for chocolate until something changes in your soul that gives you the strength to enjoy some chocolate and lets you free to stop at will.

We use our body to reveal our attachment to the physical world

and bring changes to our soul.

After your victory over chocolate you can tackle bigger challenges. You could try to get your freedom back from the TV set. This is more difficult because the TV has light, movement and sounds. Those are the attributes of life. You also find the same attraction by watching wood burning in the fireplace.

Who decides how much time you spend watching TV? Is it the screen or is it you? Maybe a TV with pedals might help!  When it is not worth pedaling the TV stops! The goal is to use TV without abusing it. “Use but don’t abuse” is a law of nature.

As you progress, you will be trying to recover your freedom from money

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Our servant became our master.  It is money that decides where you live, your education, what you eat, the clothes you wear, your profession, the people you know. Those pieces of paper can be exchanged for anything material. To be free from money is to be free from the level of matter

Your soul will not move to higher world as long as she cannot dominate her craving for money. Remember the children’s story of the giant who could not get up because he was attached to the ground by many little ropes. Money is tying us to the material world with its many little ropes. 

There is a parallel between our evolution on earth and the evolution of our currency.
We started with gold and silver. They belong to the material level. Then we thought that digging deep in the earth to get gold and keep it in a cave was not very smart. Printing paper was much easier. The next step was to replace paper with electrical pulses along wires. We did not completely leave the material world but we were moving in that direction. Today we don’t even need the wires.

Imagine a society where money would be secondary
Instead of sorting the countries by their  GDP we would sort them by their level of happiness.  Instead of looking for the highest return, you would invest in companies that create more happiness for your fellow men. The main concern of the CEO would be to better satisfy his customers instead of satisfying his shareholders. His Board of Directors could include some psychologists. The pharmaceutical industry would try to make cheaper and cheaper medicines. Everybody would have the same access to food. Instead of judging people by their bank account we could judge them by the way they use money. Did they get money out of the driver’s seat and back on the passenger’s seat?
Keep dreaming...

Puberty unlimited
We know how puberty transformed our life. It came after a lengthy preparation. It was in us like a seed that needs to be watered. After our puberty of the body everything remained the same but everything looked different. Our life acquired another dimension.


That could be only a beginning. After the puberty of the body, there may be other puberties waiting for us. We can imagine, for instance, a ‘puberty of the memory’ that would let us remember everything that happens during our sleep. That could completely change the way we see life on earth. It could add another dimension to human life.

After the puberty of the body and the puberty of the memory we could have the ‘puberty of consciousness’. We would realize that human consciousness was limited to the material world and this material world represents only 5% of reality. Human consciousness was limited to a small range like our vision is limited between red and violet. With increased consciousness human life is getting one more dimension.How many more little seeds are deep inside us, waiting to be watered?

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