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What could be the effects of spending 300 000 years under a glass ceiling?  Imagine spending all your life in a building where you cannot see the sky directly. You can sense that you are deprived of something important in your life without being fully conscious of it. Could that explain

sadomasochism in human nature? Masochism is what makes you take a chance with your life on the freeway to save a few seconds when you have nothing urgent to do. Everybody has done it. Gambling is a combination of mathematical probabilities with sadomasochism. The casino provides the mathematical probabilities and the gamblers bring their sadomasochism.​ When they win, they dominate all the losers around them. When they lose they satisfy their need for masochism. The casino makes money. Everybody gets something. You can also find sadomasochism in the way children treat each other. They can be quite rude.

Pressuring other people until they share your own opinion is sadism. Some people find normal to use their profession to enforce their opinions. Some doctors do not want to treat some patients. They forget that they treat the body and not the soul. What would you think of a judge enforcing only the laws that he approves?

 We go even further.  We even try to make our personal opinion into law and use the judicial system to enforce it. We justify our action by saying that “It is for their own good”. We want the world to be perfect and it can only be perfect by following our own ideas. The real reason is that we don't have our sadomasochism under control.

 You can start a religion with the idea of universal love and after a few centuries of human distortion it becomes the Inquisition.

The Romans designed many ways to make the defeated to suffer as much as possible before dying. How can you explain the refinement in the many ways people tortured their victims in the Middle Ages - and even today? The culprit is human sadomasochism.


Unfortunately it can get much worse. We also use wars. This is an opportunity to suffer and make others suffer. We had thousands of wars that are difficult to justify one or two centuries later. Instead of killing each other, the two sides could have decided to go back home and take care of their wife and their children. They must have thought about it but their sadomasochism was overwhelming. They could not resist. This is a battle that we still have not won.  We should test our leaders for sadomasochism before any election.

 Let's face it. Sadomasochism is part of human nature.


Let’s try some empathy. What could be the need for sadomasochism?

- Our ancestors did not discover the fire without getting some blisters. That was only a beginning. There is a price to pay for everything. We associate the idea of progress with the idea of pain. In a way, some sadomasochism could have helped human evolution.

Even the most beautiful

flower needs manure

- Life in society needs some rules. In a democracy the individual has all the rights and delegates some of his rights to the government.

We all drive on the same side of the road. To make rules that are not necessary is to open the door to sadomasochism.

- Some people say that sadomasochism is an important part of their sex life.

- Because progress may require some pain does not mean that pain will bring progress.

- Even the most beautiful flower needs manure. 

Could we show empathy to the leaders who drive their country to disaster?

We could assume that the humans are following their own evolution independently of the individuals who are alive at the time. Everything happens like a play in a theater. The author creates the characters.  The actors volunteer to play the roles. The 20th century created Hitler rather than Hitler created the 20th century.

Should we share the blame between the leader who accepts to play such a role and the mysterious author? Did we create our theater in our image?


Conclusion: Sadomasochism is part of human nature. Handle with extreme care

Use but don't abuse


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