Homo sapiens – Unite!

We created governments to help us live happily in society. We should be ashamed when they start fighting each other. We all are in the same predicament.

 - The human consciousness is very limited. We assume that Planet Earth is nothing more than a stack of raw material at our disposal. We will dominate the universe with our brain. 

Wake up! We are not even conscious of what happens in our sleep. We are not conscious of all the chemistry necessary to digest a simple meal. We are only conscious of what our sense organs are telling us of the outside world and this is very limited. The earth is a very small planet in the Milky Way and the Milky Way is only one galaxy among millions. Moreover those galaxies represent only the material world and this material world is only 5% of the universe. Our consciousness is reduced to the minimum necessary to survive on earth. We may be part of something infinitely great but we are an infinitely small part of it.

 - The human brain is limited. Can you answer this simple question (asked by a man) "If Lucie's daughter is the mother of my son, what is my relationship with Lucie?" No calculations. No mathematics. A simple question about relationship between grand-parents, parents and children makes you reach the limits of the human brain. We may have done a few things that seem very complicated. Look at it closely and you will see that they are only made of simple ideas put together. A computer is made of millions of simple ideas from millions of different people. Connecting many brain does not mean that you have improved each of them.

 - We were born with a serious handicap. Sadomasochism is part of human nature. When going to war we expect to suffer and make others suffer. This is a perfect opportunity to satisfy a need for sadomasochism. We had thousands of wars making millions of deaths and that is not over yet. The need for sadomasochism is obvious behind many of our activities. You can find it in many details. How would you explain that we risk our life to gain a few seconds on the freeway when we have nothing urgent to do? Gambling is a combination of mathematical probabilities and sadomasochism. Children fight each other. Using the Law to impose our point of view on others is sadism.

When looking at the stars, we think: “This is more than we can handle”. To compensate for our feelings of inferiority, we developed science, the arts and religions. This is very commendable but we cannot pretend to dominate the situation.

Imagine Martians - or anybody else - who can receive the evening news that we broadcast so freely in the air.  They would think that the little happiness we can have on earth must be immersed in a sea of troubles. They will watch our wars, atrocities, revenges, child sexual abuse, greed, rapes, pollution, famines, tortures, migrations, dictatorship, imprisonment, mass graves, sexual assaults, discrimination, bomb explosion, mass murders, global warming, war crimes ... and all those things you get on TV and read about in newspapers. Most of our problems are man-made.  Why would we do that? What is our purpose?

Most our problems are based on our limited consciousness.

A few thousand years ago our ancestors lived in tribes or in small villages in the forest. They could not survive alone. They belonged to a group.  Today we are free to belong to a group at work, another group in our religion, our family, our hobby. There is a general evolution moving toward free individuals. We may be conscious that we belong to a country but we don't go any further. We are not conscious that we belong to the Homo sapiens. We came after the Australopithecus and the Paranthropus. They did not make it! We are not sure that humans will be here on earth forever. Some people say that we made such a mess on this beautiful planet that we may not be able to survive our own pollution.

We should be fully conscious that we are part of the same Homo sapiens species. Whatever we do to each other is done to the Homo sapiens and we are part of that species. We receive what we are giving. The trash we leave behind is polluting our own environment. To hurt others is to hurt ourselves.

We all are suffering from the same limited consciousness. We all know about the levels of matter, plants and animals below us and we all are trying to reach the same level above us. We all have to live under the same glass ceiling. Fighting one another is fighting the wrong battle. The real fight is inside us. Getting conscious of our common predicament is the first step to freedom.


Homo sapiens of the world - Unite!