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Artificial Intelligence

Our question is: ”What is the purpose of our life?”

The first step is to make sure that we are asking the right question. The brain is a tool and we have to learn how to use that tool. A car also is a tool. Some cars are better than others. What is important is where you are going. Judging people on their IQ is not very smart. It is like judging them on their car instead of where they are going. We should judge them on the use they have of their brain instead of their brain itself.

Using A.I. is like looking for a place on the map. You zoom in. You re-center. You zoom in again. You re-center again. Every answer leads to a better question. We started by asking A.I. “What is the purpose of our life”. After many iterations we decided that what we really want to know is:  “What could motivate a soul to get associated with a human body – even for a short period of time?”

Can we rely on A.I?

There is a danger. We don’t want to repeat with A.I. what happened with money. We needed a means of exchange. We used gold and silver. Very soon our servants became our masters. Today it is money that decides where you live, the people you know, the way you are dresses, what you eat, your education, your work. Politicians make waves. Money makes the tide. Our life is governed by money. One master is enough. We don’t need another one.

A day will come when the Vatican’s library, in Rome, will be completely digitized and available to everybody on the internet. Could Artificial Intelligence make a synthesis of all that knowledge and make us a new Bible?

We would not mind having a robot to do our cooking as long as it does not remove from our diet everything that we like but is not good for our health. We don’t want it to decide that it is time to lose weight. We are not going to eat anything for one week and only drink water. We want a servant. Not a master.

Fortunately A.I. has its own limitations. It uses computers and is limited to what can be put in computers. After using words and numbers A.I. also mastered music, pictures and poetry. So far, we don’t have male and female robots and sexual attraction between master boards. Computers don’t have a place to store life and store love, consciousness, feelings. They can use those words but cannot experience what those words represent. Let’s try to keep it that way.

We limited our use of A.I. to going many times through the same loop. This is something computers do very well and keep us in control. The purpose was to improve the use we have of our brain. Let’s investigate “What could motivate a soul to get associated with a human body – even for a short period of time?”

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