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The human body

The human body is high maintenance:

The human body has to be kept, all the time, at the right temperature. You have to feed it three times a day. It smells bad unless it is cleaned regularly. You have to take it to the doctor, the barber, the oculist, the dentist. You have to build hospitals in case of emergency and the best you can expect after all this tender loving care is that it does not hurt! Plato’s allegory of the cave comes to mind. You only have to replace the cave with the human body.


To ask the right question

Is already half the solution

of a problem

Carl Gustav Young

Instead of looking for the purpose of human life we should ask the question:

What could motivate a soul to get associated with such a body?

Body and soul can get separated and reunited

You may find it hard to believe but it happens every day, in the operating rooms of hospitals. The surgeon says: “We are losing him”.  The patient has no pulse, no blood pressure, no breathing. What is left on the operating table is a corpse. This temporary death may last a few minutes or much longer. The surgeon and his team have to find a way to bring back a soul into that body and let the patient resume his life. Some patients remember very vividly what happened. They were against the ceiling watching everybody in the operating room. They listened to what was said. They can describe the tools being used. No more pain! No more gravity! Complete freedom! Search You Tube for Near Death Experience and you will get the impression that body and soul are like partners that can be united or go their separate ways.


Something similar is happening to us at night

Are we unconscious when we sleep? The opposite may be true. We may be unconscious during the day of what happens at night!

Our brain has 100 billion neurons. Most of them are not used during the day. The Homo sapiens have been on earth for more than 300 000 years. Our unused neurons should have withered and disappeared long ago. If they are not used during the day, they could be used at night. What a pity we cannot remember what happens during our sleep. That could reveal a completely different purpose of our life.

-The human body works like a refinery.

cracking 8.png

In a cracking tower the input is the crude oil. There are many different outputs such as fuel for trucks, planes, cars…. The heavy elements get to the bottom and the lighter elements go to the top.

In the human body the input is food. The outputs are heat to keep us at the right temperature, mechanical energy to move things around, new cells to replace the dead ones, ideas and feelings.

We created our refineries at our image.

cracking 10.png

-The human body sends energy to the brain

Our brain represents only 2% of our body's weight but is using 20% of our energy. That would make anybody suspicious. Our energy comes from our food. Our food comes from the plants. The plants come from the soil and from the sun.  In the past 300 000 years, the Homo sapiens have been extracting energy from the soil and sending it to their brain. What could be the next step? We have never heard of brains getting fried if they are not used. Could this energy be used by the soul at night?

-The body reveals the attachment of the soul to the physical world:

Our food may be an important link between body and soul but it is not the only one. We also need shelter. We want a bigger house and a better car. We want new clothes. We want to go to better restaurants and shop in better stores. We want better vacations in better places. In other words, we want everything money can buy. We created money because we needed a means of exchange. Our servant became our master. It is our attachment to the physical world that allows money to govern our life.

People make waves. Money makes the tide.

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