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What we know about sleeping is that we could not survive very long without it. We used it every day for more than 300 000 years and we still don’t know why.

If we were not used to sleeping we would not understand why some people want to spend one third of their life in this coma. All we have is some clues. It seems that being awake and being asleep are the two opposites working together. What is found in the material world must be balanced with something disincarnate.

- Human beings also come in two parts: Body and soul. We are conscious during the day and unconscious at night. That seems to follow the general way planet earth is organized. There is our cycle of night and day.

- We live our life in two different domains: Space and Time.

- Our mathematicians decided that they needed numbers made of two parts. One is real and the other is imaginary. They created their numbers to their image.

It seems that if you let the world decant long enough something material will come down and something more intangible will come up. Sleeping is part of what comes up, together with life, heat, time, love, consciousness and all those things that are important but remain intangible. How can you explain that patients in hospital can fall asleep when they are subjected to a level of pain that would keep anybody awake? There must be some connection between consciousness, energy and sleep.


The scientists also tell us that we have about 86 billion neurons.  You can sort animals by the number of their neurons.  We may not come first but it is good to know that we are in the vanguard. According to the scientists, we don’t use them all. Far from it! We also know that sleeping on a problem will help finding a solution. In those conditions judging people on their IQ may not be very smart. We should judge them on their ability to use all their neurons when they are asleep. This is much more difficult but that does not mean that it is not what really matters.

Steiner said that the prayer before a meal started as an acknowledgement that the same law of nature that will make this food part of my body is also making my body part of the universe. Today we could say that:  “The energy from my food will be used in my body to improve my soul.”

With this possibility comes some responsibility. When we wake up with an idea that can help us, we should act on this idea. This is like emptying your mailbox. If you empty it, other messages will follow. If you don’t empty this mailbox you will not get any more mail. You are part of a cycle. Remember the photosynthesis. During the day you associate energy with your thoughts. The reaction moves from left to right. At night, you receive consciousness. The reaction moves from right to left. Keep following this cycle.

Your are a little soul

carrying a corpse


Don’t let this channel of communication with your sleeping environment get clogged. The more you use it the more it will develop.

A Near Death Experience can help:

More and more people around the world have a Near Death Experience. You  may think that this is nothing more than a coma. It is not death but very close. We think that it is just a fluke.  We dismiss it. This is not where you are going to find the meaning of the human life!

Those who survived this experience come back with a very different opinion. They talk about bright light, an increase of consciousness that we cannot imagine, an understanding of what happened in our life and the consequences of our actions. They give you the impression that they are fully awake only in their NDE. The rest of the time we live in a state of reduced consciousness.

This way of thinking would turn our world upside down. We could be fully conscious only at night when our state of consciousness is not limited by our senses and we have full use all our 86 billion neurons. During the day we turn around in our cage like in Plato’s cave.


Let’s show some empathy for those who had a NDE.

Listen to what Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Stone, Anita Moorjani  are saying about their experience. Their message is that we are not fully conscious. There is more to life than what we know.

We could go even further. We may have a lot more to explore beyond sleeping, dreaming, NDE and other states of consciousness?

There are also people who don't have to go through a trauma to make us feel dumb. We call them genius

You may consider NDE to be an accident, nothing more than a fluke, but you we have to accept the idea than human beings can experience complete bliss, unlimited love and complete happiness.

Could sleeping be our new frontier?

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