Sorry - but sadomasochism is part of human nature

- Masochism is what makes you take a chance with your life on the freeway to save a few seconds when you have nothing urgent to do. It can also make you take a chance to run out of gas.

- Wars are an opportunity to suffer and make others suffer. It is an opportunity to satisfy a need for sadomasochism.

- Some people can convince themselves that they have to suffer.

- Pressuring other people until they share your own opinion is sadism. We usually justify our action by saying that it is for their own good. The real reason is that we don't have our sadomasochism under control.

- The Inquisition was a burst of sadomasochism.

- How can you explain the refinement in the many ways people tortured their victims in the middle ages - and even today?

Let's face it. We are a band of sadomasochists.

Can we find some justification to sadomasochism?

- Our ancestors did not discover the fire without getting burned. That was only a beginning. There is a price to pay for everything. We associate the idea of progress with the idea of pain. In a way, sadomasochism has helped human evolution.

- Life in society would not be possible without some rules. We all drive on the same side of the road. Sadomasochism starts when we make rules that are not necessary.

- Ask judges is some people would not like to be in a position of self defense and get an opportunity to kill.

- Some people say that it is an important part of their sex life.

- The extended use of torture by the Nazi in WWII has drawn our attention to human dignity and the human rights. We progressed by going too far in the opposite direction.

- Even the most beautiful flower needs compost. 

Conclusion: Handle with extreme care

Some sadomasochism may be necessary from time to time but it should be handles with extreme care. Don't use it if your sadomasochism is not under tight control.

Use but don't abuse

Pepe Brainjuice