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‎Absolute RC Simulator on the Mac App Store

RC Flight Simulator for Mac Free Download

If you are a fan of radio-controlled (RC) models, such as planes, helicopters, drones, boats, or cars, you might want to try an RC flight simulator on your Mac. An RC flight simulator is a software program that allows you to control virtual models on your computer screen, using a keyboard, a mouse, a joystick, or a dedicated RC controller. In this article, we will explain what an RC flight simulator is, why you should use one, how to choose the best one for your Mac, and where to download it for free.

Rc Flight Simulator For Mac Free Download


What is an RC Flight Simulator?

An RC flight simulator is a tool that helps you learn and improve your RC flying skills. It simulates the behavior and characteristics of real RC models, such as aerodynamics, physics, sound effects, weather conditions, and collisions. You can choose from a wide range of models and landscapes, and practice different maneuvers and scenarios. You can also adjust the difficulty level and the settings to suit your preferences and goals.

Benefits of using an RC Flight Simulator

There are many benefits of using an RC flight simulator on your Mac, such as:

  • You can learn to fly without fear of crashing or damaging your real models. Crashing in a simulator costs nothing, while crashing in real life can be expensive and frustrating.

  • You can fly anytime and anywhere, regardless of the weather or the availability of flying fields. You can also fly with friends online in multiplayer mode.

  • You can try different models and styles of flying, such as aerobatic planes, helicopters, jets, gliders, scale models, and quadcopters. You can also scale your model up or down to change the perspective and challenge.

  • You can improve your skills and confidence before flying your real models. You can also test new techniques and tricks without risking your models.

  • You can have fun and enjoy the realistic graphics and sound effects of the simulator. You can also compete with yourself or others in various game-like modes.

Types of RC Flight Simulators

There are different types of RC flight simulators available for Mac users, depending on their features and functions. Some of the most common types are:

Photo-realistic simulators

These simulators use high-resolution photos or videos to create realistic landscapes and environments. They aim to provide a lifelike experience of flying in different locations and conditions. Some examples of photo-realistic simulators are aerofly RC 8 - R/C Simulator and Absolute RC Simulator.

3D simulators

These simulators use 3D graphics and animations to create dynamic landscapes and environments. They allow you to change the angle and perspective of the camera view, as well as the time of day and weather conditions. Some examples of 3D simulators are aerofly RC 7 - R/C Simulator and RealFlight.

Multiplayer simulators

These simulators allow you to fly with other users online, either cooperatively or competitively. You can chat, share tips, challenge each other, or join events and tournaments. Some examples of multiplayer simulators are Phoenix RC and ClearView RC Flight Simulator.

How to choose the best RC Flight Simulator for Mac?