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Download Mircea Eliade's La Tiganci in PDF format

Download Mircea Eliade's La Tiganci in PDF format

La Tiganci (At the Gypsies) is a short story by Mircea Eliade, one of the most influential Romanian writers of the 20th century. The story was first published in 1959 and is part of a collection of fantastic tales that explore themes such as time, memory, myth and the sacred.

Mircea Eliade La Tiganci pdf

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The story follows Gavrilescu, a middle-aged man who escapes from the oppressive heat and boredom of his life by entering a mysterious house inhabited by gypsies. There, he experiences a series of surreal events that challenge his perception of reality and identity. He encounters a beautiful gypsy woman who claims to be his lover, a mysterious old man who holds a tin box, a group of students who recite passages from Colonel Lawrence's book, and a hidden garden where time seems to stand still.

La Tiganci is a complex and richly symbolic story that invites multiple interpretations. Some critics have seen it as an allegory of the human condition, a quest for transcendence, or a critique of modernity. Others have focused on the elements of folklore, mythology and religion that Eliade incorporates in his narrative. The story also reflects Eliade's personal interests and experiences, such as his fascination with Oriental cultures, his involvement in the Romanian Legionary Movement, and his exile in France.

If you want to read this captivating story by Mircea Eliade, you can download it in PDF format from one of the following sources:

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Enjoy reading La Tiganci by Mircea Eliade!

La Tiganci is not the only story by Mircea Eliade that explores the fantastic and the sacred. Eliade was a prolific writer who wrote novels, short stories, essays, memoirs and studies on the history of religions. He is widely regarded as one of the founders of the modern academic study of religion, and his works have influenced many scholars and thinkers in various fields.

Some of his most famous works include The Myth of the Eternal Return, The Sacred and the Profane, Patterns in Comparative Religion, and A History of Religious Ideas. In these works, Eliade analyzes the universal patterns and structures of religious phenomena, such as myths, symbols, rituals and sacred time and space. He argues that religion is an expression of the human need to experience the sacred, which transcends the profane and mundane reality.

Eliade also wrote fiction that illustrates his ideas and theories about religion and the fantastic. His novels include Bengal Nights, The Forbidden Forest, The Old Man and the Bureaucrats, and The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Tandarica. His short stories include Youth Without Youth, The Secret of Dr. Honigberger, The Snake, and Nostalgia. In these works, Eliade creates characters who encounter extraordinary situations that challenge their rationality and reveal a hidden dimension of reality.

La Tiganci is one of Eliade's most celebrated and intriguing stories. It invites the reader to enter a world where nothing is what it seems, where time and space are fluid and relative, where dreams and reality merge, and where the sacred manifests itself in unexpected ways. It is a story that stimulates the imagination and provokes reflection on the meaning of life. 29c81ba772


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