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2point4 Children

2point4 Children is a BBC Television sitcom that was created and written by Andrew Marshall. It follows the lives of the Porters, a seemingly average, working-class London family whose world is frequently turned upside-down by bad luck and bizarre occurrences.

2point4 Children

The Porters are a working-class family who live in Chiswick, London who at first seem normal enough. Bill is the sensible, level-headed mother who does the cooking and housework whilst working for a bakery with her highly sexed best friend Rona. Ben is the father, who is often just as immature as the children. He runs a heating repair business with his moody and sarcastic assistant Christine.

2point4 Children is a prime example of Magic Realism. It was written by Andrew Marshall, whose former writing partner David Renwick was responsible for the more successful One Foot in the Grave (which was more like tragic surrealism). Both jointly created classic radio comedy The Burkiss Way. 2point4 Children has strong echoes of Burkiss, but is a little less surrealistic.

The Porter family consisted of level-headed pastry cook Bill and her less assertive husband, plumber Ben, plus teenage children Jenny and David. The ensemble was rounded out by libidinous neighbour Rona and Ben's sarcastic assistant, Christine.

Since the end of 2point4 Children, actress Belinda Lang has played an array of smaller roles in several TV series including Justice in Wonderland, Midsomer Murders, Rosemary and Thyme, Doctors, and most recently, Citizen Khan.

"The Lady Vanishes" is a Halloween-themed episode from the sixth season of the British sitcom 2point4 Children. Although the action takes place on Halloween, the episode was first broadcast on BBC1 almost a month after the holiday, on November 21, 1996.

The series is based around the characters of Willemina Porter (better known as "Bill"), her husband Ben, their teenage children Jenny and David and Bill's friend Rona. Bill runs a small catering company. Ben runs a small heating repair company and works with a woman named Christine. Bill is usually much more sensible than her rather immature husband Ben (who may be child 0.4 referred to in the title). However, Bill sometimes jumps to wild conclusions which can have serious consequences. The Porters appear to be a quite normal family but, as a result of bad luck and misunderstandings, they often find themselves in very strange situations and appear to live in a world in which almost anything can happen.

Ben and Christine are now convinced that Dracula himself is living in the house next door. Bill is not sure that their neighbor is really a vampire, saying that he could simply be wearing a costume to frighten trick-or-treaters. Ben comments that he cannot believe that somebody could be so sick as to try to frighten children like that.

In turn, this had an knock-on effect for Lang, who, in an interview in 2015 said: I did a lot of tele in my early 30s. It was one thing after the other that culminated in me being in 2point4 Children for nine years. After Gary Olsen died, nobody offered me a part on TV for a long time. I was very connected to 2point4 Children."

She made the move to Hollywood where she appeared in TV series The Closer and met Skeet Ulrich, best known for his role as the killer in Scream (1996). They married, had two children but divorced in 2005.

In the sitcom Bill, Ben, and their children Jenny and David lived at 142 Chepstow Road, Cheswick. For the original 5 series, the exteriors of their house were filmed at 142 Duke Road Cheswick as seen below, however for series 6 on wards this was changed.

2point4 children cast list, including photos of the actors when available. This list includes all of the 2point4 children main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below. You can various bits of trivia about these 2point4 children stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is. This cast list of actors from 2point4 children focuses primarily on the main characters, but there may be a few actors who played smaller roles on 2point4 children that are on here as well.

Clare Woodgate left after season two to concentrate on dramatic roles. She changed her name to Georgina Cates and moved to Hollywood where she married Skeet Ulrich, best known for his role as the killer in Scream (1996). They had two children but divorced in 2005.

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