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One simple, practical aspect of maturity effects on NDF digestibility in forages is related to changes in leaf-to-stem ratio. The NDF in legume or grass leaves is significantly more digestible than NDF in stem tissue. As forage matures, leaf-to-stem ratio declines (more stem, fewer leaves) and as a result NDF digestibility declines because a greater portion of the total NDF is NDF associated with stem tissue. Corn silage is unique in defining maturity effects on NDF digestibility because leaf-to-stem ratio is not greatly altered across normal harvest maturity stages. It is actually common to observe a decline in total NDF content in corn silage as the corn plant matures. This is because the corn ear is filling with grain, which dilutes the total forage NDF content. Despite this illusionary maturity effect, the NDF digestibility of the corn plant still declines with advancing maturity (Figure 3) mainly due to advancing lignification of cell walls (NDF).

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The immune response modifiers, imiquimod and resiquimod, are TLR7 agonists that induce type I interferon in numerous species, including humans. Recently, it was shown that plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDC) are the primary interferon-producing cells in the blood in response to viral infections. Here, we characterize the activation of human pDC with the TLR7 agonists imiquimod and resiquimod. Results indicate that imiquimod and resiquimod induce IFN-alpha and IFN-omega from purified pDC, and pDC are the principle IFN-producing cells in the blood. Resiquimod-stimulated pDC also produce a number of other cytokines including TNF-alpha and IP-10. Resiquimod enhances co-stimulatory marker expression, CCR7 expression, and pDC viability. Resiquimod was compared throughout the study to the pDC survival factors, IL-3 and IFN-alpha; resiquimod more effectively matures pDC than either IL-3 or IFN-alpha alone. These results demonstrate that imidazoquinoline molecules directly induce pDC maturation as determined by cytokine induction, CCR7 and co-stimulatory marker expression and prolonging viability.

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