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Ben Rector - Daughter: The Official Audio and Lyrics MP3

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ben rector daughter mp3 download

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I'll Let You Go- Jessica Allossery. I fell in love with this sweet, acoustic, indie song at one of my bride's weddings for her father/daughter dance. It's a unique, non-traditional choice that you'll love!

Hank- Ben Rector. A little more sentimental, Ben Rector hits the love of parents just right with this song. You could even use this as a double dance song (mother/son and father/daughter)!

With her new album, A Lighter Shade Of Blue, Perri has written songs that cover the wide range of events she experienced in her personal life over the past five years. Happily, in 2017 she married her husband, Paul Costabile, and in 2018 they had their first daughter, Carmella. However, Perri also had two devastating setbacks due to pregnancy complications. She had a miscarriage in January 2020, and then 10 months later her baby daughter, Rosie, was tragically stillborn (dying in the womb).


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