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[S4E4] See You On The Other Side

We've recently had many faces from the other shows, so now would also be a good time for a surprise visit from Caroline Forbes. Surely, she has to return from a storytelling standpoint, so maybe the character will be recast.

[S4E4] See You on the Other Side

A bunch of swirling red clouds later, Hope rises with newly formed vampire teeth, ready to kick some butt. She finds Malivore and yet another face-off begins. As she punches him to high heaven and back again, half of the Super Squad tries to save Landon and Cleo.

The other half of the Super Squad -- Lizzie and MG -- are off to find Ethan and save him from Malivore's grasp. Ethan almost kills MG, but then Lizzie stabs Ethan in the back to save MG -- whoops! On the bright side, this sacrifice finally forces MG to confess he still likes Lizzie and she's taken aback by the good news. Remembering her quasi-boyfriend is still dead, Lizzie snaps back to the present and uses her siphon magic to jump-start Ethan's heart. Ethan returns, no longer affected by Malivore, and manages to keep his invisibility powers. That surprise leads him to decide he's joining in on the chaotic fun of the Salvatore School. Anxious as heck, Lizzie chugs a beer as she's now stuck in a surprise love triangle.

Last but certainly not least, Hope gets one last chance to say goodbye to the real Landon. Cleo uses some muse magic to temporarily allow Landon to have full control of his body and mind again. The ill-fated duo kisses and Landon convinces her to stab him in the heart. Eventually, she does, and we see both Malivore and Landon die. Although Cleo was still inside of Malivore as he was dying, Josie's summoning spell works in the nick of time and returns Cleo safely to the Salvatore School. After Landon dies, we see him in the underworld, chatting with the Necromancer. We don't see if he passes on to Heaven or if he decides to roam aimlessly with his foe-turned-friend -- but it's fair to secretly hope the duo finds some path out of limbo soon. And, hey, when someone is hanging out with someone who used to be the master of resurrection, it's not impossible that Landon too might return to the land of the living.

His demise is three seasons in the making. Legacies wraps it up fantastically because there is a lot of lore at play, which the show usually sidelines until the final act. Some usages of said lore are more believable and practical than others.

Namely, the addition of Dark Josie comes across as more Deux ex Machina in regards to bringing Cleo back and resolving any tension between Josie and Finch than anything else. Nevertheless, it is a blast to watch Kaylee Bryant tap into such a vastly different side of Josie.

Taking on a darker story gives the main characters a chance to grow and discover more about themselves and the lengths they are willing to go. But will the Super Squad remain on the same side, or will conflicts make them turn on each other?

INT. MONTGOMERY RESIDENCE; BATHROOMJACK is in the bathroom, getting ready for bed. He's only dressed in his boxers and the camera is angled from behind so we see parts of his back and then his front in the mirror. He starts brushing his teeth. Suddenly we hear a crack and JACK's knees buckles and he grunts with pain, supporting himself on the facet. After few seconds another crunching crack can be heard and he falls lower, hanging on the facet now. We hear the sound again, and we see his spine potrude on his back for a second. He's down on his knees now, still holding on to the facet, screaming of pain. The crunchy sound can be heard a few more times and again we see his spine beneath his skin. JACK pants, and suddenly it seems it stops, and he slowly rises, looking at himself in the mirror. He turns his back to it and moves his right hand to the back, looking at it but there's no sign of what just happened.

INT. MONTGOMERY RESIDENCEJACK is leaning on the island in the kitchen, looking thoughtful. He takes another swig of his beer, and then opens the fridge again. He grabs a leftover chicken, and starts eating, not bothering with platers or utensiles. He begins to eat frantically, like he's not gotten food in days. He throws the finished chicken aside and grabs a pack of uncooked meat and opens it up and starts eating the raw meat, throwing looks over his shoulder for his wife.MICHELLE (V.O)Honey?JACK stops eating when he hears her voice.

Hope wrestles with her reality. Alaric entrusts the Super Squad to work together. Cleo confides in Landon. Meanwhile, MG divulges some important information to Lizzie and Finch sees a different side to Josie.

Following Burnham's recap, she is informed by Saru (Doug Jones) that Adm. Vance (Oded Fehr) is sick with a Malindian stomach worm and that President Laira Rillak (Chelah Horsdal) has requested that they replace him in a diplomatic capacity in the negotiations on Ni'var, regarding that planet joining the United Federation of Planets, thus setting up one of the primary storylines for this episode.

Another storyline continues as we see Tilly (Mary Wiseman) have a counseling session with Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz). She explains that throughout her (still very much fledgling) career, she has been purely focused on getting to the captain's chair, but now she feels like she needs to take a detour. It seems that Dr. Kovich (David Cronenberg) is looking for Discovery volunteers to lead a team-building exercise for Starfleet cadets. However, as a favor, Culber asks if Tilly could request that Adira also join the mission. It's a shame Kovich has transformed from a Master of Spies to Head of the Academy, all his mystery and intrigue suddenly evaporated.

Plus, I still have some issues over the whole Trill story arc this season, topped off by the unnatural transference of consciousness last week. And what's happened to the actual symbiont, Tal, it must be still inside Adira? So, will Adira be able to communicate with past hosts? No mention was made, or advice given regarding these really rather important issues last week. Will they be able to take visible form to Adira following this new precedence set by Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise? This particular subplot has felt contrived and unconvincing from quite early on, so, fingers crossed they'll soon all be given more interesting parts to play in the grand scheme of things.

The burst has also knocked out the communications systems, so they take a peek outside and quickly learn that they're not on Geryon, in fact, they're not even close; instead they've crash-landed on Kokytos, an L-class moon, which means it has a breathable atmosphere but is environmentally hostile.

Shock kicks in and the young trainee crew struggle to get to grips with their predicament. Tilly has a handle on it until the cadets start venting anger and frustration toward each other. They have six hours until their scheduled rendezvous with the USS Armstrong, so Tilly insists they start telling each other about themselves and it's a well-written and enjoyable set piece.

Back on the Ni'var homeworld, the plot thickens a little. Saru and T'Rina bond and form an unlikely friendship, while Rillak and Burnham head off in a different direction to talk things through. This could've unfolded several ways; personally I expected Saru to take one side and Burnham the other, forcing a wedge between these two Starfleet officers. But instead, mercifully, the writers take us in a different direction and not one that's burdened with clichés. Granted this is not a Tom Clancy novel, but the dialogue is good and nothing is forced, effectively making this an enjoyable set piece and consequently the best episode of Season 4 so far.

It's going to be necessary to leave the safety of the shuttlecraft and venture outside, naturally. Along the way though, Adira very nearly dies and it takes the whole team to rescue her (by pulling them out of a sheet of deadly, killer ice, which I'm pretty sure they then all walk over to reach the ridge). The Starfleet Five make their way to higher ground in order to make contact with the waiting USS Armstrong, but Tilly must act as a distraction to buy the others more time to establish a clear line of communication.

Tilly gets beamed off Kokytos just in time and everyone makes it out safely, apart from poor Lt Callum of course. Kovich greets Tilly and makes her an offer to teach at the Academy. All the other subplots are wrapped up, including Book's, who finally manages to create a satisfactory Kwei'tholum'Kwei and thus feels like he's accomplished something, along with creating the foundation of a solid friendship with Culber, which he will only benefit from.

The first four episodes of Season 4 of "Star Trek: Discovery" are available to watch now and subsequent installments will drop every Thursday on Paramount+ in the US and CTV Sci-Fi or Crave TV in Canada. Countries outside of North America can watch on the Pluto TV Sci-Fi channel.

Greggs joins Freamon in Homicide, and learns that Landsman shares her disdain for new Major Crimes Units (MCU) head Marimow. She sees Bunk interview a witness who identifies Lex as the killer of Fruit. Elsewhere, Colonel Raymond Foerster meets with Burrell and Rawls to discuss the murder of the state's witness. Royce has asked Burrell to slow the investigation so that no proof that the motive was the victim's upcoming testimony will emerge before the election. Burrell orders Foerster to assign the case to Greggs because of her rookie status. Foerster reluctantly complies. The detectives discuss Marimow's destruction of the MCU, whereupon Bunk calls Marimow the "unit killer" due to his effect on the MCU. Bunk and Freamon serve a warrant on Lex's home, where they find that his grieving mother has set up a shrine to her son. While drinking with Bunk, Freamon theorizes that Marlo has not been linked to any murders because he is hiding corpses in an unknown location.

After losing money in a poker game, Marlo has Partlow pick him up from a grocery store. Inside, he brazenly steals a lollipop in front of the security guard. When the guard confronts Marlo, he replies that the guard's presence meant nothing to him. At Vinson's rim shop, Old Face Andre informs Marlo about Omar's robbery of his store. When Andre tries to get out of a debt, Marlo demands that he hand over his diamond ring as collateral and tells him to pay what he owes. Marlo sends Partlow and Snoop to track and kill the guard. They also visit Bodie, who reluctantly agrees to sell for Marlo. Stanfield soldier O-Dog gives Bodie a package of drugs and the terms of his business relationship with Marlo. After tracking down Michael to his house, Partlow and Snoop hide the guard's body in a boarded up rowhouse. 041b061a72


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