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Genshin Impact PC Client: How to Download and Install the Game

Hi. Everything else except the actual game worked for me. it says there isnt enough space on my computer but genshin is the only thing i downloaded after converting to windows. is there a way to fix this

Users looking to download Genshin Impact might not be able to load the website. For that reason, it can be impossible to access the download link. You can download Genshin Impact for PC here. The previous link will download the Genshin Impact client, which is approximately 97.3 MB.

download genshin impact client


You can refer to our guide on how to fix slow downloads in Genshin Impact. In short, restarting the client forces a new connection, which could potentially double your download speeds so you can get the game quicker. Now that you have the Genshin Impact download link for PC, all you need to do is wait patiently for the game to download fully.

Hi! I am curious if you will update this website for the 2.6 version? It will be released in the next 3 days! This helped me download genshin and I am curious if you will make another tutorial for the upcoming 2.6?

Hi, Ali! I finally downloaded genshin. I deleted everything again and started downloading zip files and game itself again. And it took a lot more time to download those zip files. Maybe it was the cause of problem? But now, I can play genshin with no problem(except playing it on the lowest graphics). But do I need manually update it too?

hi, i did everything but kept on getting failed to get unity player.dll, i installed and copy pasted it in genshin impact game, and then tried running the game and now it said failed to load mono, i installed and copy pasted it in genshin impact game folder and its still not working please help

With this the launcher will be ready to launch with no extra fidgeting(it will check once for updates) so you can pretty much skip the whole starting the download-deleting the temp files business. (but you helped me a lot, so I could finally squeeze win11 and genshin impact on a 124gb sdcard to play it on a steamdeck)

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Hello, I have an important question, I own genshin impact 001 ,002 and 003 , if I download 004 and 005 and the English audio from here, and put them in the correct file and enter the launcher, will the game work?

Since the community is hyped for the next update, the company recently enabled the pre-installation feature on their official client. Anyone can download the data right now on their PC, console, or mobile device to ensure quick file validation during the update's launch.

This is exactly why pre-installing beforehand is necessary, as it significantly reduces the time taken by the client to verify each file and update resources. Having the newest files downloaded helps a player to quickly update everything and enter the game as soon as the version drops.

Click on "Confirm" in the window to start the resource check-up, and then simply wait for the client to finish the update. As mentioned earlier, the download size on the PC is 7.2 GB, and the total size after extraction will be approximately 15 GB.

Genshin Impact version 2.1 launches on all platforms beginning September 1st. To pre-download this update on iOS and Android, you can either tap the pre-install icon on the bottom left of the login screen or from the other settings screen in the Paimon menu in-game. The download size is about 2.24GB on iOS. On PC, once you update the client, you can click the pre-installation button after launching Genshin Impact. Pre-downloading has just gone live so if you were in-game, quit out and launch the client again to initiate it.

You might be able to speed up the download. Some users have reported faster speeds after pausing the process and then continuing it again. Others have closed out the client entirely and then started it back up to some success. This is similar to some suggestions for increasingly PlayStation Network download speeds, as some users theorize it helps you hit different servers.

Genshin Impact can be a difficult game to access with or without a PC. You'll need to download the official client from publisher MiHoYo and then install it. It's actually not on Steam but it can be accessed on Epic Games Store.

It's a completely free Android emulator that lets you download mobile games and use them on your OS. As Genshin Impact is an Android game, we can download the app to the BlueStacks client. From there, install Genshin Impact, update the game, and then log in with your details to get Genshin Impact up and running on your Mac. Hopefully, MiHoYo will create a native port of Genshin Impact on Mac, in addition to a Switch version. Alas, BlueStacks is your best option right now.

I decided to reinstall the computer, reset, live. I decided to download genshin again, and figs there, you need 94,8 to unpack ... how to be, is it possible to install an earlier version, and then just update?

please help me, I downloaded genshin and wanted to enter, but a sign is displayed - * error when starting the application (0xc000007b). To exit the application, press the ok button * .... What should I do?

I downloaded genshin through epic games, the game launcher started, I make money to start the game, and then I wait for half an hour when the game starts and does not start at all. before that I played it for a year on the same computer, I decided to just reinstall it. what to do?

When will the PC version be launched?The PC client is available for download on February 15! The servers for the PC and mobile versions are synced. After the update on February 15th, you will be able to start the experience on the PC version!

Choose a game which has not been seen by the cache before (or clear your /data/cache folder) and start downloading it. Check to see what the maximum speed seen by your steam client is. If necessary repeat steps 1-3 with additional IPs until you see a download equivalent to your uncached Steam client or no longer see an improvement vs the previous IP allocation.

Some situations can see a slower initial download rate through the cache than without (though obviously subsequent downloads are MUCH faster). Testing shows that the client does not cope as well as most others with the chunking / slicing configuration for nginx that lancache uses.

Testing has shown that it is possible that a modest increase in slice size can help downloads. Although it also can considerably reduce the speed in some cases. In the worse cases where a client makes a small range request to a large file the cache will have to fetch a full slice from the internet (for example a 256KB request could result in a 8MB download).

In particular in a multi-user environment (like most LAN parties) where more than one person may be trying to download the same game, and thus the same multi-gig files, the performance might be reduced. The usual behaviour is if somebody tries to download a slice that is currently being downloaded by somebody else, the second person will be forced to wait until that slice has fully downloaded before being served with the slice. If you have a relatively slow internet connection (or its very highly utilised - like at most LAN parties) then the time to download a larger slice will be high and the resulting wait time could cause problems for the game client.

The default of 1MB is considered the safest, but increasing to 2, 4 or even 8 might give performance improvements for single-user download scenarios, however they may also make things slower. As mentioned earlier, if a client requests 256KB, the cache will still request a full slice from upstream for uncached content - with an 8MB slice, the client will be waiting for the full 8MB slice to download before requesting more data.

After linking your PSN account, download and install the Genshin Impact client to your PC or mobile. Log in using the email address you have provided and complete the verification process. After launching the game, make sure that you select the correct region, preferably the same as your selected region in your PS account. Please refer to the image below to know which countries/ regions in PSN are under the Genshin Impact Servers:


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