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PilotThe Playboy Club : Season 1 Episode 1

In March 2011 Dewan was announced to have been cast in the NBC pilot The Playboy Club. In May 2011 NBC picked up the series for a full season order. Dewan portrayed the role of Bunny Janie a very provocative playboy bunny who works at a Playboy Club in Chicago during 1961 and was confirmed to be a series regular on the series. The series premiered on September 19 2011 to a 5.2 million viewers and mixed reviews from critics. Due to low ratings NBC cancelled the series after just three episodes in October 2011.

PilotThe Playboy Club : Season 1 Episode 1


Freshman drama Grimm has received a 22-episode second season order, becoming the first NBC series to get picked up for next season. Though the series hasn't generated as much buzz as some of NBC's other series (ahem, Community), it's been a solid performer on Friday nights throughout its first season. More renewal announcements from NBC are expected to follow shortly. [Deadline] 041b061a72


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