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Everybody Hurts Lyrics Official 2022 R.E.M. Tribute

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Struggles of an Aspiring MC, Head Nod Music Vol. II: The Homage Continues, Uncle Sam (TradeMarx Remixes), Uncle Sam, The Righteous Rebel, The Antithesis, The Joke Theory, Monetary Minds, and 12 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $40.60 USD or more (30% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. A New Day (IIntro) (Beat by DJ Premier) 00:48 lyrics buy track A New Day (IIntro) lyrics(Verse)Yo it's a new day so I let this groove playOpen up my rhyme book and turning to a new pageReady for the next stage of this journeyTryna stay sane so this fame don't concern meCause I'm just following my destined questBlessed by God, awaiting his next requestSo here I am in the present as a manSurrenderin' my plans so I could better understandThe stars light and the constellationsThis hard life and it's constant changesTo find strength was my only hopeGot dumped, got dissed, and I've grown from bothCause I'm not rollin' with my homies, it's a lonely roadAnd I ain't holdin' on a 40 Ole I only smokeSo this one I wrote and thought of just for youSurprise it's Head Nod Music Volume number 2 2. You Ain't A Spitter (Beat by Young Lord) 03:22 lyrics buy track You Ain't A Spitter lyrics(Verse 1)Now who's reppin' the hardest? Checkin' these bars from the depths of my consciousSketchin' these songs with weapons drawn as I empty the cartridgeMy pen is cathartic I write just to weather the hardshipsCause in the end all of us suffer indelible lossesDwellin' in darkness at the thought we're all destined for coffinsSo ain't stressin' which devil they elect into officeI'm just perfectin' these pauses till my methods are flawlessBut whoever's pen is the sharpest is never the largestBut I'ma promise to deliver the message regardlessSpreadin' these lessons just to see which one stretches the farthestWhile these A&R's are promotin' professional garbageCause label executive offers indebted the artists And the fans have fallen for the fake deception it causesSo the chances are that most of you slept on the rawestCause to be honest there's some legends you've all missedAnd it's not your fault but these peasants are GodlessJust novis's with no credentials to spar withAnyone who sees their bluff and the potential to call itAs we carry the culture that we get from our Father'sLike in the 60's switchin' over to the Mets from the DodgersAlways respectful where I'm steppin' but never been cautiousTo go from flippin' you off to flippin' the desks in your officeThen bomb steady, a force beyond deadlyOf course you're not ready for war cause God sent meWith more, libraries and stores of rhymes plentyGalore then got buried and scorched from blind furyCause every bar and line is a course on rhyme theoryDrawing from the divine as the source that's primary, it's on(Chorus)You Ain't A Spitter, you're still learnin' how to talkFrom the Bronx to Belgium all the real rhymers speak it rawYou punks are clowns don't even talk that we the best crapOr get your rep snatched it ain't where you from, it's can you rap?(Verse 2)This is technical rappin' for any has been who said he could match himNo matter where their mental's at I'll be levels surpassed 'emI'm lappin' you on your own track with your terrible tractionAnd rappin' better than any has been could ever imagineQuit actin' like my shit is wack cause it never could happenAnd since you think you're big and bad we could settle for scrappin'Then head to the hospital fast for some medical actionFrom not protecting your neck and back from the dreaded assassinA savage at this, not your average and never relaxin'Forever lastin' from the pad of the credible craftsmanRelayin' the truth and the facts in conceptual fashionConveyin' the views that I have with exceptional passionYet empathetic enough to show the devil compassionThe circle we've established is a respectable factionYou never heard me cause I'm lackin' professional backin'But soon I'll be stashin' and stackin' eventual cash inIt's all perception who they have as the best in their bracketsMy methods of madness surpass all the rest of the mastersThe understudy, undergrad at the head of my classesThe one who raps a hundred tracks just to lecture the massesBehold the poet who composes with effortless magicEndless schematics getttin' older the better I practiceTo each is own you either grow or get left where the trash isAlone I travel in a forward directional passage(Chorus)You Ain't A Spitter, you're still learnin' how to talkStraight from Orange County as a lyricist with deadly thoughtsYou punks are clown don't even talk that we the best crapGet your rep snatched, it ain't where you from, it's can you rap?You Ain't A Spitter, you're still learnin' how to talkFrom the Bronx to Belgium all the real rhymers speak it rawYou punks are clowns don't even talk that we the best crapGet your rep snatched it ain't where you from, it's can you rap? 3. I Got Planz (Remix) (Beat by Diamond D) 03:20 lyrics buy track I Got Planz (Remix) lyrics(Verse 1)Just cause I'm quiet doesn't mean I'm at a loss for wordsI've got more rhymes than your favorite author's workLeave the best MC's egos tossed to curbsFrom the inner city streets all across the burbsYo, but low key so I don't floss with fursFirst I read the scriptures then leave my psalms rehearsedPlus the book of John reversed, it calms my nervesStraight bars, no hooks, every song's a verseAhead of the rest, you fellas ain't a threatTrying ta bend letters but you can tell I ain't impressed Better yet you're just jealous that I'm blessedNot knowing that you are too cause you're as selfish as it getsA sinner in jest who never repentsIs worse than intentional sinners who attempt to repentCheck, I'm leavin' nonbelievers dead on the dimeStill undefeated and been gettin' even better with timeMC's are gettin' deceitful fallin' levels behindConformin' their fraudulent souls to the devil's designDudes got beef with me cause they can see her preference is mineAnd still held a grudge against me even when I declinedDamn, so every album for my fans I dropCause anyone who knows me as Sam can stand me notBut I'm a man amongst kids and I command my spotSo a damn I don't give cause of the plans I got(Verse 2)It's safe to say that I was meant for thisPaid the price up against such expensive riskCovered the cost of losses and temper flipsThrough instrumental kicks that my pencil ripsTo shreds and bits, I make these other rappers wanna quitOr consider the statement when they said that they were the shitThere's facts and opinions and when you weigh it out you'll findOther rappers thinkin' if he can't make it, how could I?Yet I encourage most of them to suceedCause wack lyrics nowadays do much better than theseBut I still eat and breathe rhymes and beats made with theSP, Diamond D, '93 Crate DiggasYeah, so I could spaz over fat beatsStroll with a swag bumpin' to tracks with my flat feetFoes in my path who wanna clash got their ass beatThose in the past who called me trash wanna dap meFrom off land I walk from out of the sandAfter fallin' down again to crawlin' out from a jamThen bounce back and watch your damn scam gone badSo I don't give a damn, as man plans God laughs 4. The Messenger (Beat by Havoc) 03:50 lyrics buy track The Messenger lyrics(Verse)You don't want it with me man I wreck effortlesslyI was never preplanned, I was destined to beFrom the day I was conceived in this blissful dreamI was practically born under the Christmas treeAs SC, just a snotty kid from the burbsChosen from birth to speak as God's gift to the worldWord, better yet a being of Allah's essenceThe middle man sent to deliver God's messageStep into mic booths and rip apart sessionsBlessed with right jewels to spit and taught lessonsYou rap but you ain't movin' your mouth at the same paceI shake plates to move mountains and drain lakesLight trees to celebrate the dayGive thanks, say grace, meditate to prayI'ma rap ignore the fame and fight for my nameI'ma fast for 40 days and write through the painI'ma smash up on the stage and live for the dayI'ma pray on devils and let it give what it mayMy ancient ancestors got me favored in the rankingsResurrected to rap, this is ages in the makingI'm a problem, physically fitted cause God's got him I'm a diamond that's shinnin' after risin' from rock bottomIt's a risk, enemies get their artistry dissedI exist far beyond any audio discI'm a myth, kill bomb beats then plead 5thsBuilt to last like concrete between bricksGettin' stronger with time the longer I rhymeWaitin' for the stars to align, it's all in the mindThe farther I climb, the devil's tryna deaden my shineAnd prevent me from mine, but my God sent me a signIt's my time, I'm coming in the physical formTo bring that real shit back, you've been officially warnedI'm traditionally spawned to teach those how to do this thoughSpew beast flows with weed smoke in the studioAs you can tell I'll be killin' it all yearWagin' multi syllable spiritual warfareOh yeah, I'm weedin' out the wack till they all goneYou'll get your chalk drawn just for reppin' New York wrongIt's on, you're gettin' your voice and your car stolenBy the syllable sword swingin' poisonous dart throwin'Encore performing joints till the bar's closin'Deliverin' the message annointed as God's chosenYeah, appointed as our momentTo seek justice, a destroyer of dark omensThe devil defeater when I'm stoned and I start zonin'After greivin' with the process to cope with my heart frozenFuck broken, she left me shattered to piecesTook advantage of my kindness by attackin' my weaknessLeft me for dead and abandoned for no actual reasonsWhich would only fuel the fire to make these classic releasesI'm talkin' masterpieces, spoken verses to capture JesusI'm like Canibus when he's constructin' his Master ThesisIn other words I'm aligned with my pathIncorporating God's grace mixed with science and mathCause I've read the entire Quran textAnd not once does it mention invasions and bomb threatsSo while you're generalizing a whole groupI can see through the lies you disguise as your own truthCause your dillusional faith don't hold weightI'ma rip this for 3 minutes straight with no breaksThen vacate the states to seek releaseRead the Guru Grand Sahib and not speak for weeksThe technique is to body you while respectin' yaThat's what you devils get for attemptin' to kill the messenger 5. The Process (Beat by Havoc) 02:27 lyrics buy track The Process lyrics(Verse)Ayo it usually starts when my passion is runnin' strongAfter a Psalm from the Bible or passage from the QuranNever felt it's message till I captured it in a songSo I grabbed the latest pad from the lab and then it was onFirst I turn it to the last page in the notepadRehearsin' rhymes from the other day that I wrote lastThen satisfy the urge for burnin' the best sageSet the pad down after I turn to the next pageThen start to roll up on the best of skunkGoing through different beat options as I prepped the bluntAnd take my time when I decide on a trackSo that my environment, current mood, and vibe will all matchBut either way, it all depends on the dayAnd I'll always end up doing the song I'm destined to sayThen once I finally choose I'ma leap to my feetImmediately spark the weed and loop the beat on repeatCause I ain't pressurin' myself to make the rhyme less funI'm puffin' skunk abundantly until a concept comesThen once it does, I grab the nearest round stic BicAnd write down every potent thought in which the concept fitsSo by the time I start me and the pen are once and in syncAnd usually use the same one until it runs out of inkThat's why on any mic all my enlightened words are preciseBecause I alway write and never typed a verse in my lifeGlancin' at all the ideas that I wrote down in a rowPiecin' words together and crossin' em out as I goBut the first line is always the toughest to set the toneMost times I know where I'm goin' with it other times I don'tBut I don't force thoughts till the light prevailsAnd once I get passed the 4th bar it writes itselfThat's when I start to rhyme with less of an outlineAs syllables and letters get connected without tryin'So I don't alway plan the path that I'll plot nextCause most the magic is made in the actual processChallengin' myself but I'm still in it for funAs I'm tryna complete the verse before I finish the bluntAnd if not, I ain't leavin' till what I write is doneThen repeat the same pattern and light another oneThen wake and bake to go rehearse it the next daySet up a studio session to murder then press playOverprepared for when I step in the boothThen lay it down in one take on a record for youMatter of fact there's still some ink in this penSo I through on another track then went and did it againAnd again, and again... 6. The Progress (Beat by J-Love) 02:17 lyrics buy track The Progress lyrics(Verse)It started out as rhymes for kicks with other kids at our schoolMost were in it for the image to get chicks and be coolI was different that's why everything I spit was a jewelBut they were ignorant, didn't listen and think I'm a foolBut little do they know that I'm as fatal as it getsCause my intellect's not something that they're able to detectTo the basement that I crept with pages that I readOver and over again because a stage was never setSo I'll take what I can get, from loopin' this cassetteTo Zoo introducin' me to studio connectsCypherin' at every single party provin' my repTo spewin' fluid in the booth until I'm losin' my breathTo learnin' how to properly project my voice on the micWith emphasis on certain sentences I've chose to writeUgh, never ending perpetual with the funkAlways contextual cause I've been conceptual from the jumpWent from instrumentals that I used to jack when I found 'emTo original production making actual albumsFrom choosin' a destination that's often misleadTo payin' extra out of desperation costin' us breadBut paid dues so reputation's startin' to spreadFreestyle speculation if it's off of the headNonbelievers start emergin' and it hurts when they're your friendsAnd didn't see it as flattery so at first I took offenseBut now I understand and can see it for what it isHe don't got his own goals so he's leechin' along with hisAnd if he can't go along then he'll be bitter and bendCause they ain't rootin' for you if there's nothin' in it for themCause they don't want you to win, they probably hope for the worstAnd they ain't offered a thing, but still want all of the perksCause I overextended and wasn't prepared to get hurtBut now I've learned the hard way and I'm aware of my worthBut first I had to get jerked to lead the mission astrayFor me to step into the power I was givin' awayI went from immitatin' others with an effortless tongueTo innovatin' somethin' different that ain't ever been doneOnce I found my voice I stopped tryna be someone elseNow that I'm livin' life it's like these songs have written themselvesCause the greatest are the underdogs you wouldn't have guessedSo that's why most of you have slept, cause I'm as good as it getsCheck 7. Extra P (Beat by Large Professor) 00:47 lyrics buy track Extra P lyrics(Verse)You gotta grown and persevere until your mission unfoldsDon't ever let another person's fears limit your goalsWhile nonbelievers will clown you with the sinfullest soulsThen be the first ones surroundin' you the minute you blowAnd admit it after the fact you're the truth on the beatBut while you knew me growin' up you were too stupid to seeThat I'm a beast just North of the city that never sleepsNo daily posts, I'm droppin' new videos every weekWhile you're miserable with a stare and riddle it isn't fairCause your minimal skill is too pitiful to compareSo at least have the decency to call me a bossIf you're actually tryna compete with me you've already lostI guarantee that I'm the truest of MC'sAnd nothin' good will ever come out of rootin' against meBut everybody's fightin' for that same piece of the pieSo I started my own lane so real MC's could survive 8. Spit (Remix) (Beat by Showbiz) 03:24 lyrics buy track Spit (Remix) lyrics(Verse 1)Yo I always made music on a page instead of computerBlazin' the buddah like there's no way he could be the futureCause I've chosen to take the lane with the least consumersSo in other words you couldn't pay me to keep it truerPatiently flow till the day he would blowBy takin' the road paved by AG and ShowTill it made me a pro and an unstoppable top voiceWhich means that I'm only less popular by choiceSo I could study while takin' this tradition inFrom stages they were rippin' to the crates that they were diggin' inFrom Switzerland to Michigan we came with the barsFacin' blunts like a Don boss puffin' cigarsLike now you wanna bust some raps and try to fuck with statI don't know what you're puffin' on but musta been some dust in thatI only speak to the track, that's why I spaz on itSo keep the feedback jackass I didn't ask for it(Verse 2)Yo I was chosen from the scriptures with this gift that I gotSo I ain't posin' for pictures so they could give me a spotI'm exposin' this fuckin' gimmick for the shit that he's notAnd unload on this drunken bigget for the shit that he popIt's only other peole's ignorance that force me sinPlease forgive me for this venom to the lord I repentIt's just they only support when I show them in privateThen ignore and don't acknowledge it when I publically drop itPennin' words nonstop as they fuel me with their doubtThen spit a verse like I got a hocked loogie in my mouth(Hwak tuu) This is how I release angerFor those who know me as Sam, Stat's a complete strangerDanger! So these mics I grab and let the passion rushTill I get callouses like wood bats with no batting glovesSo batter up cause for most my youth was mad as fuckShit was tough, compared to you I probably had it rough(Verse 3)Yo in Allah's name, I grab mics to evolve pain And change it, turn it into sacred greatnessPraises due to God's grade and aboundLove for all walks of life, I'm not playin' aroundWhat! Violators will be dealt with I dare youStep into the square I guarantee you'll get an earfulGo from arrogant to embarrassed and bendHumiliated so bad he won't be rappin' againDamn, now you got me feelin' bad in a senseLike how's the crowd gonna react after I smack him to shreds Bitch, Mr. Big Shot cause he got a clever buzzBut this is Hip Hop, somethin' that you never wasFront like my shit ain't hot I'm goin' spaztic Similar to schizophrenic accidental blackoutsNow peep the madness, there's no way that MC's could match thisTo show shame holds more tears than sadness(Verse 4)Ayo I testify, I'm probably one of the best aliveBut love this beat too much to let this instrumental rideThat's why this main course is comin' with an extra sideOf shredded motz over tator tots and special friesTo serve you with a 4th verse on a separate pieI'm workin' double shifts 12 to 9 and 10 to 5Compared to me the best that you could be is next in lineThe top 5 I'll let stay but the rest'll fryAs payback for all the women you objectifyI'll put you in a waterpark on an electric slideYou sound legit on the record but unimpressive livePlus not to mention every rhyme is a pathetic lieSo when I call you out for it don't even question whyGot me on a rabbis bitten pit inside the kennel vibeSo mic check, anyone who wanna test'll dieOr reconcile for forgiveness and repent to God 9. Never (Remix) (Beat by N.O. Joe) 03:03 lyrics buy track Never (Remix) lyrics(Verse)Ayo I (Never) had the choice of takin' the easy routeI took the scenic path but then I didn't see a cloudCause little did I know that storms occur for dreams to sproutAnd in order for you to succeed you almost need the doubtAnd (Never) Made excuses about the hand I'm given(Never) Ask a question and be mad at what the answer isn't(Never) Altered my morals for another man's opinionWhether an officer of the law I'


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