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Madonna HeartBreak City FINAL VERSION

"Iconic" features Chance the Rapper and boxer Mike Tyson. Tyson does a spoken word introduction to the song, similar to his addition to Canibus's debut single, "Second Round K.O." (1998). Madonna invited him to the recording studio where he talked about his life; he recorded the introduction in one take.[48] Consisting of a "weird" beat, "Iconic"'s lyrics find Madonna embracing herself as an icon.[29] "HeartBreakCity" follows "Iconic". A piano ballad talking about lost love, Madonna sings in a deeper vocal register, inspired by baroque pop.[49] With its synths, banjo sounds, and hollow drums, "Body Shop" describes love as a damaged car on a highway, requiring a body repair to be alive.[49] West also produced the next track, "Holy Water", where the singer compares her bodily fluids to the title. With hedonistic sound effects, the song is reminiscent of Madonna's 1990 single, "Justify My Love" and contains a lyrical excerpt from "Vogue".[50] A bassline accompanies the chorus, consisting of moaning sounds, arcade game music, and synths.[49] "Inside Out" was produced by Mike Dean, and features Madonna's vocals with reverb, accompanied by piano sounds and restrained chords. "Wash All Over Me" follows, and is the last track on the standard version of the album. Baroque piano sounds, and a steady military beat, lead up to the chorus as Madonna sings about the world changing, heartbreaks, and acceptance. A gospel choir and minimum synths back the song's sound.[49][50]

Madonna HeartBreak City FINAL VERSION

The album's release was compared to singer Beyoncé's 2013 surprise album release, with The Guardian calling it a "partial Beyoncé".[72] The leaks continued with fourteen new demos being revealed between December 23 and 27.[73] Three new tracks, "Hold Tight", "Joan of Arc" and "Iconic", became available following Madonna's Grammy performance in February 2015.[74] The final track list for Rebel Heart was revealed on January 20, 2015, including the standard and deluxe version song names.[75] A day later Israeli police arrested a man suspected of hacking into Madonna's, as well as other musicians' computers, stealing and leaking content. Lahav 433, an Israeli crime-fighting umbrella organization, had led a month-long investigation after the leaks occurred, working closely with the FBI. Although Israeli police refused to name the suspect, media identified him as former reality show contestant Adi Lederman, who had participated in the Israeli singing competition, Kokhav Nolad, season ten.[76][77] As the deluxe edition leaked in full,[78] Lederman was charged by Israel's Magistrate Court on four counts: computer trespassing (two charges), prohibited secret monitoring, copyright infringement, and obstructing investigation. The investigation also revealed that Lederman had leaked the demo of Madonna's lead single from MDNA, "Give Me All Your Luvin'". Copies of songs, including rehearsal recordings of upcoming Madonna performances, were sold for more than $1,000 to various clients.[79] Lederman was ultimately sentenced to fourteen months in a Tel Aviv prison.[80]

Madonna appeared and performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the US for the entire week of March 16 to 20. Songs performed included "Living for Love" with DeGeneres herself joining the singer onstage.[109][110] She also sang a stripped-down version of "Joan of Arc", "Ghosttown",[111] and finally, her 1985 single "Dress You Up", during a bathroom concert sequence with DeGeneres.[112] On March 29, 2015, Madonna performed "Ghosttown" at the 2nd iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles, where singer Taylor Swift joined her on stage playing guitar.[113][114] Two days later, the BBC's Jo Whiley interviewed her for Radio 2, the singer's first radio interview in the UK.[115] Madonna appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on April 9, 2015, singing "Bitch I'm Madonna" and her 1983 single, "Holiday".[116][117]

due to the leaks the project was overblown with countless filler and different editions. they needed to trim it down to a 1 cd album and a special edition with bonus tracks with mdna. keep it simple. the rest of the ballad shite that got released and most of the other album tracks were pants. some of the best songs were ruined in the final versions and some of the best demos never saw the light of day. she really got it wrong with this album as the material was there, they just made the wrong tracklist 041b061a72


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